Kinect sells a whooping 25K in 3 weeks in Germany

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So apparently Kinect managed to sell only about 25.000 Units in Germany since its Release with some of its Games being sold in the three digit spaces. Thats what Gfk media control (german Version of the NPD Group) said: 

According to a reliable source, Microsoft Germany has reached only about 1 percent of the worldwide Kinect sensor sales figures that Microsoft announced yesterday (2.5 million) .

GfK/mediacontrol (which is the undisputed leader for sales figures in the entertainment media industry in Germany, drawing their data directly from retailers' computer systems) totaled the sold numbers for the stand-alone Kinect sensor (including Kinect Adventures) to only 24.187 units in Germany in the first three weeks (weeks 45, 46, 47) since the launch on November 10th.

Media control figures represent about 70 percent of German retailers that are relevant for selling video games and peripherals, including important online shops like So the actual sold numbers may be higher -- but not much higher. Also, bundles (Xbox 360 + Kinect) are not included in the sales figures, but they cannot amount to much because the Kinect games also do not sell well:

Some Kinect games have only reached sales figures in the three-digit-space so far in Germany, others were sold in the thousands, only one product (Kinect Sports) has sold more than 10.000 units in the first three weeks.


I guess it is fair to say that Germanys part in the "2,5 Million sold Kinect units" (according to MS) is pretty... uhm... trifling.

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