Kinect With Kinect Adventures To Hit This November At $150

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#101 Edited by Jeust (10334 posts) -
@chan05 said:

" sorry...but thats too expensive ms "

If they make both Kinect and the new Xbox Arcade version 300$, and the console alone 200$, they could well market the peripheral with the 100$ price point. Tossers!
#102 Posted by SkinnyBlue (320 posts) -

 I'd like Kinect to be succesful and possibly deliver some good games, but I really can't see it being anything more than a gimmick. It looks like MS is going down the same road that Sega did.
#103 Posted by woodelf86 (143 posts) -

This is way to pricey for what they are offering, its just nuts

#104 Edited by geirr (2377 posts) -

Seems like a fair entry price for something that could potentially be tons of fun.
Although I'm sure they'll double the price in Europe like always to cover their losses elsewhere;
in which case I'll wait for a December holiday package deal or something.

#105 Posted by Hikarusuke (1 posts) -

I have all three counsels and there is no way I'm paying for kinect at that price when I just can play my Wii for motion controls.

#106 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1556 posts) -

Bah, I think its a bad move to sell the Kinect at $150.  At $100 it would fly off the shelf.  Even $125 would bump the sales a bit.  A lot of people will stay on the fence at $150 unless it just destroys peoples minds when it comes out. 
Thats a good new Arcade but I rather have a hard drive then wifi.
#107 Posted by slyely (154 posts) -

$150 plus a game for entry pricing, not too bad...but I think I may wait a bit to see how it does before I buy. Plus, it needs more games that support it before spending the cash on it. 
And what is the arcade version of the redesigned xbox anyways? Those two for $300 may not be a bad deal if the arcade version isn't bad. 

#108 Posted by ThePickle (4149 posts) -

too much.

#109 Posted by Mr_JPeps (164 posts) -

This was a day one buy for me had it been $99 or less, but now there is no way, its way to much for a more powerful eye toy. No wonder they didn't say shit at E3 about the price, everyone would of bitched and took the wind out of their sails and had not of been pleasantly surprised with Kinect. I'll be waiting for a price drop and see if developer's actually make anything for this or if its going to just another 32x,  Nintendo 64 memory expansion, or Wii motion plus.

#110 Posted by GlassWalker (1 posts) -

I managed to pick up a pre-order from the place that has the giraffe as its mascot, with the 40% off accessories coupon code I used it made the Kinect kit a WAY for feasible purchase.

#111 Posted by MeatSim (10597 posts) -

Do not want.

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