Microsoft Store Lists Kinect at $149.99

#1 Posted by norton123 (311 posts) -

At this point it seems almost unnecessary to post an article every time another retailer lists Microsoft’s Kinect at $149.99. At least this time it’s Microsoft’s own website that’s doing the listing.

If you head over to Microsoft’s store you’ll notice that Kinect is listed for pre-ordering at the unfriendly price of $149.99. This isn’t a full fledged announcement though, so the price could change. In fact right below the picture of Kinect is the Pre-order Price Guarantee that covers the buyer should the price of the above item go down before it is shipped. Again, let’s hope it goes down.

#2 Posted by fishmicmuffin (1044 posts) -

Too much. Granted you only ever have to buy one (as opposed to getting lots of remotes for the other consoles) but I don't see myself getting one until the price drops.

#3 Posted by s7evn (1072 posts) -

Oh god. I wasn't interested before, but now I'm really not going to buy it.

#4 Posted by tracerace11 (289 posts) -

yea, and this imo go against everything that has made microsoft what it is today.  guys in small dorms/apartments have made the 360 what it is today....but inorder to play kinect
you have to have 6 feet of space (at least from what I read that is how i understand it).  Crazy? i think so, they have taken out half their market now. 

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