New Kinect Accessory: Inflatable Raft. I'm serious.

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This picture really speaks for itself.
  From Kotaku:

And you thought because it doesn't use peripherals Kinect would be spared a bunch of ridiculous third-party add-ons. Well, you were wrong.

This is Atomic Accessories' "Game Boat". It's for Kinect Adventures, a game which includes a rafting game. So you blow up the inflatable boat, and...look, I'm not going to dignify this with an explanation.

I'm just going to ask that if Atomic are mad enough to release this boat, they could at least go the whole hog and release the plastic jungle to go with it.

Consider myself a bit confused, I thought the whole point of this device was that you didn't need accessories. That the whole full-body motion control thing, out-weighed the concepts of holding things, or having physical objects to interact with. How does this even remotely make sense? What does it do? Even the most awkward Wii-Add-on had, perhaps, in theory has some conceptual idea that might be tangible.
The big question is Kinect owners: Do you have room for this? One thing I noticed during PAX, people playing just about any-form of motion control gaming: a good amount of room is required.
What I'm trying to say is: Do you have enough room in your living room, to put down a raft, for one mini-game, that doesn't exactly physically help you play the game? 
At what point do we nod our heads and realize that this stuff isn't for the "core-gamers", but also realize that it might be ludicrous for everyone else.  
"Grandma! Get on the raft! No, you're not off your pills! We have a full-size raft in our living room!" XD
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Well you can't blame other companies trying to make money. 
If this was MS putting this out then it would be a little weird.

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I don't even know what to say...

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@zombie2011: Oh, I'm not blaming them. But I don't blame people who get paid to upgrade your firmware on your PS3 either. It's just strange, unnecessary and unpractical.
Also unlike that concept, this is funny, instead of borderline theft. :P
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I just have to know one thing: Does the thing actually function as a working raft. And I really, really hope that it doesn't, as that would be way funnier.

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Can I use it as a portable bed?

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This is the worst. It looks nothing like the Kinect Adventures Raft.

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@Apathylad said:
" Can I use it as a portable bed? "
No. There's no Kinect mini-game for sleeping.

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