Official Kinect PC support

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Hey. I'm new to these forums so hope this is the right place and hasn't been posted before. Anyway, Steve Ballmer recently recorded this interview with the BBC in the UK. He is pretty clear in the second half of the video that Kinect will officially be supported on the PC sometime in the future. Is this common knowledge? Confirmation of the inevitable? or yet another leak from the horses mouth?
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Where are all of these unofficial Kinect drivers and such? I've heard a lot about them, but I don't know where to get them. I want to mess around with my PC via Kinect. 
I'm sure anything officially released won't be nearly as fun.  :P

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I think that was something they were planning if Kinect was successful. I remember seeing somewhere that in future operating systems, like Windows 8, they would have Kinect support for if you wanted to use your PC as a media hub, and motion for various other things. 
And a cool thing about it is that Kinect was designed to be upgradeable. They are actually working on giving the camera twice the resolution as it has now, so it will even be able to track your individual fingers. Apparently.

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