So, i just got this E-mail...

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Congratulations! We're pleased to report you've been accepted in the Xbox LIVE and Kinect beta program. We look forward to your active involvement and feedback along the way.

REMINDER:The Xbox LIVE and Kinect beta program is confidential. Please don't disclose, share, or discuss beta program materials, except as allowed in the Xbox LIVE and Kinect Beta Program Agreement. Specifically, please:

  • DO NOT Blog about the beta materials.
  • DO NOT Post pictures, screenshots, or video clips of the beta materials.
  • DO NOT Discuss the beta materials in discussion forums, emails, or podcasts.
  • DO NOT Talk with the media or press about the beta materials. This includes bloggers, newspaper reporters, and television reporters.
  • Only use approved support methods for your Kinect experience which are listed on xxx.
  • DO NOT contact Xbox Support over Twitter. For support options, please go to xxx
  • DO NOT post in the public Xbox support forums (only use the xxx)

The Xbox LIVE and Kinect Beta information has been updated on the Microsoft Connect website (Your console should be prompted for a system update within the next 24 hours. Kinect hardware is being packed and will be shipped to the address you provided when applying for this program. Please be patient and review the Microsoft Connect website for any status updates.

For any troubleshooting or program questions, please review the support information at  

Congratulations, we look forward to your participation! 
this should be interesting, just wont be able to talk about it i guess 
(removed links to the private beta etc)

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Unlucky. And Im not talking about your lack of freedom of speak...

#3 Posted by thehexeditor (1436 posts) -

Just lemme know if the 'third leg' is detected by the camera. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

#4 Posted by ch13696 (4761 posts) -

So that means you can't even say that you just got Kinect? 

#5 Posted by evildeadron (879 posts) -

i can say i got it i guess, once it arrives i can't talk about the hardware or the games until nov 4th
#6 Posted by Three0neFive (2299 posts) -

You realize now that you've posted this thread, you're going to have to tell us everything, right?  ;D

#7 Posted by rjayb89 (7806 posts) -

Rules are meant to be broken, bro.

#8 Posted by TheCreamFilling (1230 posts) -

Wow, very secretive. 

#9 Posted by jkz (4068 posts) -

Out of curiosity, what have you tested via. Microsoft Connect in the past? Did you test the NXE? And if so, did you submit bug reports, feed-back, et cetera.

#10 Posted by Druminator (1808 posts) -

Better break those rules.

#11 Posted by dbz1995 (4959 posts) -

They will never know it's you...

#12 Posted by Korone (404 posts) -

Rules are made to be broken, suh.

#13 Posted by evildeadron (879 posts) -

i did participate in the nxe program and gave some feedback
#14 Posted by sagesebas (2166 posts) -
@evildeadron: we wont tell, come on jk
#15 Posted by mancide (214 posts) -

Nice. /me checks inbox

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