What is the name of Kinect's predecessor?

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I've heard about this camera from a few people on the internet before, Microsoft apparently had some sort of camera peripheral in the 90's. The topic is usually brought up when people say "Kinect is just an advanced Eye-toy", but in fact the Eye-toy came out after this Microsoft camera. I just want to know the name. Every search including "microsoft" and "motion sensing camera" always comes back with Kinect. 
It's almost like this thing doesn't exist!

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Maybe it never was released as a commercial product, therefore never had a name?

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Maybe, but I still think it would be cool to read up on. I'm just curious about it that's all

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Kinect is based off of another camera that looks almost identical. It's made by some weird company. Looks like Microsoft just bought the tech or something. You're probably talking about something else though if it was from the 90s. 
Edit: I'm talking about this thing: 

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