Why do you need Kinect for Voice Recognition?

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So the only thing that really appeals to me with the whole Kinect device is voice recognition. Because its the exact same technology implemented in Windows, and its simply software. I know to most people this is new info but windows has had voice recognition for an extremely long time( as well has hand writing recognition), and this is simply an implementation of that software. So why do i need a kinect bar? So i can yell louder then i would into a mic because the kinect is further away? The Microsoft dudes showing of voice recognition at the conference were wearing professional grade headsets.
So why do i need 150$ piece of hardware for a software patch? I don't want any of the motion stuff, i feel it removes from immersion. On a side note Windows Voice recognition is really good, you guys should try it out. Its awesome with a Bluetooth headset being able to do stuff on my computer while not even being at the computer, even type( Office has full integration).

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