Will Kinect work through a table?

#1 Posted by radar5 (196 posts) -

So if it uses IR sensing, then it should feasibly be able to detect you through a coffee table assuming it's not made of lead or has a fire pit in it.
Now I'm not saying that I want to sit on my couch and play, but I do have a big coffee table between my couch and TV that I can't exactly move every time I want to play kickball.

#2 Posted by VoodooTerror (611 posts) -

that really depends on what frequency IR it uses

#3 Posted by Truant19 (240 posts) -

I doubt the camera would be sensitive enough

#4 Posted by VoodooTerror (611 posts) -

come to think of it, the IR sensor is designed to detect your body so it would be pretty stupid to make it able to penetrate objects

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