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King Arthur's World (known as Royal Conquest in Japan) is a puzzle-simulation-strategy game in which the player controls King Arthur and his army as they first take charge of their homeland and then head off to bizarre new worlds in an attempt to recover the Holy Grail.

King Arthur's World is one of the few third-party games on the Super Nintendo to support the SNES Mouse peripheral.

The World

Set in a land from Arthurian literature, the game levels range from standard English countryside, a cavernous goblin cave system, to a cloud realm rife with fantastic beasts.

The Goal

The player's task is to guide King Arthur from his starting base, to the leader of the enemy forces, using the various skills that his army provides to overcome obstacles such as spike pits, enemy troops and even marauding giants.


King Arthur's World plays in a manner similar to Lemmings, in that it is a side-scrolling, unit management game with a focus on keeping as many of the King's men alive as possible. Units are given directions through the use of a cursor, a feature made easier by using the SNES Mouse.

The gameplay is initially a simple A to B scenario, set in the English countryside and towns, with the occasional castle. This chapter is finished with a battle against a giant ogre, the first and easiest boss. In the following chapters, the player is required to negotiate ever more complex maps, with multiple levels, teleporting doors and increasingly harder to kill enemies. Each boss battle is more difficult than the last, and needs a large amount of firepower to defeat.

Player Units

King Arthur

Arthur is the most important unit of the game and has many uses, in addition to being powerful and hard to kill. He is the only unit the player can use to pick up keys, gold and he alone can defeat the enemy leader. Unfortunately though, if he dies the mission is failed. It's generally advised to keep him away from harm and let the other units do the grunt work.


Knights are the basic ground troop, effective in hand-to-hand combat against most non-boss enemy types. Though they cannot fight a lot of monster types, they are very powerful against units they can reach. The player can temporarily boost their attack for a split second, allowing them to hit harder.


These ranged units are extremely effective against most enemies, though they are fragile and must be kept back out of harm's way. Capable of firing in three different trajectories, they can hit enemies blocked by the terrain or inside of towers with a little bit of trial and error. Their usefulness is decreased in the underground goblin levels, as the low ceilings prevent them from being as versatile.

White Wizards

The only unit capable of healing player units is the Wizard. He has three support abilities, used to bolster the players army. These are Health, Strength and Invincibility. The spells affect any allied unit on screen, and last for a limited time. Invincibility does not protect units from instant death situations like spike pits, crushers or zombie units.

Black Wizards

Black Wizards are powerful offensive units and if correctly employed, can turn the tide of battle. Their spells are Fireball, Firestorm, Paralyse, Lightning and Apocalypse. Of these, Firestorm and Apocalypse are probably the most effective, dealing great damage to all enemy units on screen even if behind cover. Apart from Paralyze and Apocalypse, the spells can damage the player's troops, so care is needed.


An important tool in the player's arsenal, Shieldmen offer protection from a number of dangers and are highly resilient to attack. They block the advance of enemy units and can reverse the trajectory of boulders, fireballs and magic bolts. Since they still have a finite amount of health, they're best used in conjunction with Knights against regular enemies.


The exploding barrels these units deploy can be used to destroy crushers and doors, or even platforms and bridges built by engineers. The fire created from their explosions can spread to anything wooden or flammable, which can be a problem sometimes.


The most versatile unit in the game, engineers can often be vital to winning a mission. They can fill in spike pits, use a battering ram on castle doors, construct platforms other units can climb to avoid danger and even build a mighty catapult that causes large-scale fire damage and can have their trajectory modified similar to the Archers. They are also able to raise a new home base tent on any flagpole encountered, letting the player send reinforcements to his front line much quicker.

Enemy Units


Weak and quickly killed by Archers or Knights.

Large Knights

Powerful and able to shoot magic bolts, they are dangerous to most of the player's units. Best handled with knights or the black wizard, and approached from behind so they cannot use their deadly magic bolts.

Sling Shot Infantry

A weak ranged unit that is limited in their range compared to archers. Can still cause trouble if fortified in a high place.

Goblin Thugs

Goblin hand-to-hand infantry, they are dangerous in groups.

Flamethrower Goblins

These enemies hurl weak fireballs across the screen.


Even though there are only four per level, they can appear anywhere and cause mischief. Though they are unable to emerge onto the platforms engineers have constructed. If leaving King Arthur alone, it's best to let him sit on top of a platform so a demon doesn't kill him while the player is occupied.

Witch Engines

A tank like enemy that can withstand much damage, they move and fire slowly.


Undead creatures that move slowly and can turn friendly units into other zombies in close combat.


Tough enemies who spit acid and excel in close-quater fights.

Cannon Snail

Cannon Snails are deadly enemies strong against most of the player's troops, though weak to ranged attacks.


Mac Ogre

The first boss encountered is this gargantuan ogre. Towering over friendly units and virtually immune to close range attacks, he makes his way slowly to the player camp. The player is advised to employ their catapults, wizards and archers against it.

Steam Hammer

A goblin construct of science and magic, spitting fireballs and unleashing hordes of enemy units, all whilst trying to crush King Arthur and his units.

Demon Overlord

The final boss, this vile dragon can tear player units asunder or reduce them to cinders. Fond of picking up troops and dropping them from a great height, it is a violent and fearsome beast.

Environmental Hazards

Spike Pits

Fairly self-explanatory, these pits will kill any unit, invincible or not, that falls into them. Generally covered by a timed trap door, they can be crossed with a bit of skill, or filled up by Engineers.


Giant spiked plates hanging from the ceiling, they can be destroyed by Barrelmen. Provide a small amount of cash upon their destruction.


Following a short track, they are invincible and kill any unit they touch apart from Shieldmen.

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