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Probably the manliest choice for a playable monarch in Dragon Force, Leon is a physically powerful character with a tough position on the the map, and no free alliances to be found. Leon himself is a rather headstrong and macho figure who takes great pride in his strength. However, amongst the rulers he has perhaps the most even relationship with his subordinates, as the likes of Garyus & Shaia speak to him like an equal rather than a superior.

Leon has the highest attack stat of all the monarchs, indeed, he often begins the game stronger than most other characters are at the end. His Aura Assault and Cross Rush spells both target the enemy commander primarily, while his Stone Pedestal, when used well, can devastate enemy armies.

Leon's army

Though quite dependent on Monks, Leon's initial force still offers more variety than the armies of Mikhal and Gongos, having more vaired abilities and slightly more varied troops.

GARYUS -having previously left Topaz as he was unable to handle the rigorous training of a monk, Garyus returned to aid Leon in the war as they are close friends. Although his training was apparently cut short, it appears to have paid off, as Garyus is physically the most powerful fighter by a noticeable margin, boasting superior attack and defense to all his peers. However, his command stat leaves something to be desired. He also has the option of commanding cavalry. He has some past association with the initial incarnation of the Skull children, who fear him as the "thief killer."

SHAIA -A priest with an acerbric personality and a preference for offensive rather than healing magic, she spent some time in Tradnor where for a time she was tipped to succeed Tsugal. Although she respects Leon as her king, she doesn't hesitate to give him a piece of her mind when she wants to. Shaia has several effective spells, but perhaps the most noteworthy is her version of Thunderfall which strikes more times than any other in the game(and which she starts with). Unfortunately, she has low starting MP, so she's at the mercy of the game's random stat growth.

YANNA - A young female monk of prodigious talent, she was entrusted to teach others martial arts at a young age. She has a crush on Leon. As a unit, Yanna is very well-rounded with attributes and abilities that are all good, but none are outstanding.

RAIZAK - A man of few words, the game's instruction manual bills him as being not particularly bright but a physically terrifying presence. However, he is actually quite physically lacking, as he has low HP, surprising low defense for a physical unit and only average attack, which coupled with his low command and MP makes him Topaz's weakest link. He is far from unusable, but he is still quite a poor unit regardless.

Storyline enemies

Leon's first meaningful opposition comes in the form of the "Liberation Army" a band of mercenaries hired by Topaz to fight abroad, but now see the war as a chance to overthrow him. They are a significant fighting force that makes for some stiff competition, but good recruits when beaten, and help bring some variety to Leon's forces.

DAYN - knowing that Topaz puts little stock in lineage, this mercenary monk saw the war as an opportunity to eliminate Leon and take the throne for himself. He is one of the game's best monk units, probably second only to Leon, though his defense is inferior to Yanna's. Once recruited in Leon's game he becomes a loyal general.

KODIAK - A pale samurai who is a close friend of Dayn, his sword-style is self-taught. This Ronin is the only non-generic samurai outside of Izumo's forces, and none too shabby either. If he is captured before Dayn is recruited, he becomes a loyal general, if not recruiting him is near impossible.

WRIPH -A human girl's whose ability to interact with spirits like an elf would led to her being feared and a bit of an outcast, she is somewhat misanthropic. She is a spirit user of average ability.

MYRIA -An elf mage who is particularly loyal to Dayn. Alike Wriph, she is quite an average general whose main strength is the variety she helps bring to Leon's army.

Story mode

Leon's scenario is largely the same as the rest of the Dragon Force, with some variations when it comes to recruiting Junon, and a slightly different end to the Zanon subplot.

No-one will join Leon without a fight. This, as well as his somewhat vulnerable position on the map makes Leon a good choice for a confident player.

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