Honestly, I'm getting too old for Kingdom Hearts

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I'm ten hours into this game, around about day 97. I've had three or four points where I've thought about returning the game. Why? Because of the story. I love the combat, it's pretty satisfying and I like the panel system. I played the Game Boy Advance Kingdom hearts with the card system and I liked that too. But the story.....
Do I really need to see these stupid characters eat ice cream on top of that damn clock tower after each mission? Why even do these missions? Why does the organization exist? The premise of Organization XIII (although the characters are pretty cool looking etc) is pretty stupid in my opinion, and does not have the pull that sora's storyline has. The story is just so slow its unbearable. Does anyone else feel this way?

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 This one was not the best in the series. I was annoyed how they kept hinting at stuff, but it took them so long to reveal that, that eventually I was saying "Just reveal it already!" (they do but mostly at the very end). I wouldn't give up on the series yet, as Birth by Sleep looks awesome.

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I know exactly what you mean. I just think it's a change in feeling towards the kind of stuff you want in games or how you feel toward things in life in general. I played and beat the first two, and the GBA one as well when they came out. Then early last year, when I played them again. I felt bad, 'cause I couldn't stand them... I used to think it was charming, but now it's just kinda.... gay. Sorry if that's too much of a derogatory word to use. But it's just what I feel. Maybe not gay, but I was thinking "Wow... : / I don't really like this stuff at all anymore. It's so fake." Now, I'm more into games that are plausible. And that's not putting down RPG-like games in general. That was just more towards Kingdom Hearts. It's just kind of sad really, knowing I have such fond memories of liking Kingdom Hearts so much, and now? I don't feel for them at all in any way.

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Kingdom Hearts is just an anime at this point. Every cliche you can think of us guaranteed to show up at some point and the Disney influence, what I actually care about, has been falling by the wayside since Chain of Memories. I feel like they were trying to "grow up" with the audience or something by toning down the Disney and upping the amount of zippers and spiky hair. Not a good choice in my opinion.

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