So I just finished...what is every ones impression?

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I didn't like it, It didn't answer really any of the questions I had from KH1 or KH2. It just added in a whole lot more questions that are really really making me dredd  KH3 where I think they'll pull some BS that sora was really dreaming, or in a coma or something.   All So had the problem that it was basically just the crisis core engine's mission mode, but over and over and over again.
I just wish they'd get KH3 out all ready.

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Square needs to remember why KH was good in the first place, and stop making us slog through countless hours of non-Disney content. I really REALLY don't care about Axel, Roxas, or any of the other original characters. Oh, and stop revisiting the same Disney worlds. Disney has been around forever and there is no excuse for putting the exact same Halloween town level in 3 different games.

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