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Proving that more of the same is not always a bad thing. 0

Though Kingdom Hearts has seen much success since its debut in 2002, the concept remains somewhat mind-boggling. Merging the Final Fantasy franchise with Disney's many movie properties, seemed impossible, if not downright crazy. The fact that it was able to do so, was an achievement given how radically different they are. Since then, it gone on to spawn many sequels, with the latest one, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, being the second installment to see release on a portable system. And though it co...

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Square Enix and Disney pull off another winner. 1

Kingdom Hearts:  358/2 Days is a DS installment of a series that has quietly become something more than just another peanut butter-in-my-chocolate crossover.  Though the series gained fame for its mixing of Disney and Final Fantasy characters, the Kingdom Hearts franchise also has a growing cast of original characters as the stars of the show.  For the first few games, the player was put in the role of Sora, a teenager with the power to wield the power of a ...

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The worst named game of 2009! 0

  Kingdom Hearts is a lot like that daughter of yours that started life so cute and innocent, but progressively grew more rebellious and spiteful of you and authority. Her pink dresses turned to black leather, her pink hairbands turned to spiked collars with matching wrist scars and your conversations turned from “I wuv my dadday” to “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!” The first Kingdom Hearts was a fun, innocent piece of fan service. It combined charming Disney movies with a simplified version of the Fi...

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An emotional Tale... 0

I Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days  to be surprisingly emotional for a video game. The game would probably be on my front runners for games as art, Why? because the tale to be told is in classical form, it's a tragedy. However, While the plot is golden, there are a few other areas that need polishing. One, repetitive Missions. You will constantly be asked to repeat the same Missions, as well as, a lack of variety in Playable areas. However, on the positive side The game Incredible graphics for the DS ,...

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If you care about the story, buy this. 0

Let's go back a little bit to Kingdom Hearts (the first one that came out on Ps2) and try to remember those worlds from there. Come to this one and you'll be seeing mostly the same except for some. Sounds boring, but it has been given a twist in which you are willing to ignore that fact.  358/2 Days is simply Roxas' story and how he ended up in the Begginning of Kingdom Hearts 2 and why he is so important. You find all this out along the way and this only matters if you really care about the sto...

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