Best Kingdom heart game...

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Granted I have not finished it (about 13 hours in) and I have only played the first two and a little bit of the PSP one. I think the combat is really deep and interesting, it has really good worlds, I love exploring in the game just looking for treasure. I am am really enjoying the creature aspect of it also. although I have enjoyed the first two games in the series this one achieves something the others didn't in my opinion, I just can't seem to stop playing and I never got that bug with the others. Now I just hope it doesn't fall apart towards the end.

Anyone else feel the same?

#2 Posted by Snail (8659 posts) -

@pompouspizza said:

Granted I have not finished it (about 13 hours in) and I have only played the first two and a little bit of the PSP one.

Given how many Kingdom Hearts games and respective "remixes" there are, I'm going to consider your "best ever" call-out a bit rash.

Incidentally, just how different is the fighting from the first two games?

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Other than Chains of Memories, I haven't really had the desire to play any KH game because I just want the official third installment to be made already. Also, I don't have a 3DS, so I couldn't play it anyways...Glad you are enjoying this one though. Chain of Memories, in my opinion, was really really good, so I definitely have faith in the teams making the handheld KH games.

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Birth By Sleep has a masssively more interesting battle system to me. Plus, it has a vastly more important story compared to KH 3D. As far as I am concerned, BBS os the best Kingdom Hearts so far by a clear sweep.

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I'm really happy to hear that. I won't be able to play KH3D, but if that's what the gameplay in future KH games will feel like I'll be looking forward to them. Thanks for the post.

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KH1 and 2 or bust!

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I haven't played KH:3D because U don't have a 3DS. I'd probably go with the second one. I've played all spin-offs except for Re:Coded. I really enjoyed the plot of KH2. Chain of Memories would be a close second although only recently. I thought it mediocre at the time but went back and played it recently I adored it even the weird card combat system, although the final boss was an absolute bastard.

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@Snail: That's fair enough I guess. Even thought the camera can sometimes go all over the place I really like the flowmotion system, it makes the combat much more fluid in my opinion and I like the way the command deck works, but I think that has already been in previous kingdom hearts game (I can't remember too much about the ones I played)

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I haven't played it yet (Hopfully I'll be getting this weekend) but I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it. I myself am looking forward to this.

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Really? Damn it... Now I gotta play another kingdom hearts game.

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It seems to me that they keep making handheld games so they can re-use assets over and over. I wish they would make KH3 for PS3 already! I'm tired of crappy handheld graphics for this franchise!

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@JuggaloAcidman: I actually think this game looks really good, but I do agree with you to an extent...I really wish they would finally just put out KH3

#13 Posted by BamBamBradley (24 posts) -

@JuggaloAcidman: @pompouspizza: Also I really enjoy the handheld games but would love and actual console sequel.

#14 Posted by SnowPin (50 posts) -

I've played and beaten every KH game out to date multiple times and I simply think this one is the best so far. Best Visuals, love the flowmotion combat, Link's the drop is kinda annoying but meh it's easy to manage once you grasp it.

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