February 2012 Kingdom Hearts 3DS Trailer (Possible Spoilers)

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It is a month before Kingdom Hearts 3DS comes out in Japan, so Square Enix decided to put out another trailer. This one might get into spoiler territory but I watched it and mostly I want to play the game to know what it all means. The Kingdom Hearts way seems to be that you show a bunch of crazy stuff that leaves you going "What the hell?" and then you play through the game to find out what it means.

Make sure to click "CC" for English Subtitles:

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Something worth looking forward to on the 3DS - can't wait for a western release.

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Still rolling with the same theme song...still awesome!

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When I saw Tron Legacy I was wondering if it was gonna make an appearance in a Kingdom Hearts game. Knew it was eventually gonna happen.

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Man, these Square Enix trailers just keep getting longer and longer, aren't they? Here's hoping the next Versus XIII trailer will be 10 minutes of in-game footage as well.   
In any case, this is gonna be a system-seller for me, just like Birth by Sleep was. I just need to decide if I wanna get the limited edition bundle or settle for a regular 3DS + the game which would probably save me like 200 dollars. I've never bought any limited edition handhelds from Japan (or anywhere, really) for that precise reason, but maybe I'll treat myself to something nice this time around.

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guys.... this thing is 9 minutes long

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This game needs to hurry up and come out.

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im excited for it i dont even have a ds

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