Kingdom Hearts 3DS Demo. Opinions?

#1 Posted by The_Nubster (2773 posts) -

I thought it was a little bit short, consisting basically of jumping on a few rails and then killing a boss, but what I played felt pretty tight, and it had promise. The idea of Flowmotion, while named kinda silly, is really fun, though it is a bit hard to see where they're trying to funnel you. Combat worked, and it worked very well. Though it was a bit strange to have so many spells and have no idea what they do, it was easy to swap between them and find what you were looking for.

The new character they introduced is neat, but I'm no sucker for the story of KH. It was still written very hammily.

Overall, though, it seemed really solid, though I don't know if I'm sold on a not-KH3.

#2 Posted by BasketSnake (1682 posts) -

A weird story I don't care about, nostalgia from running around Traverse Town, great combat and your usual Kingdom Hearts music. Very good 3D. As expected, I liked it.

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (19620 posts) -

The demo was far to short. Fun though.

#4 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2901 posts) -

The demo was very short and all I kept thinking was why do they have to keep making these games on handhelds.

#5 Posted by Maystack (938 posts) -

Like everyone else is saying it was pretty short. Combat seemed fine, the flowmotion seemed a bit complicated but once I get to grips with it, it should be fine. The reality shift thing seemed cool, nice use of the touch screen. Also, linking with monsters was pretty fun. Hopefully there's a lot to get so to set up a good team.

#6 Edited by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

I felt like I was going to have a seizure from the erratic camera and flashing lights during battle. Looks stunning though.

#7 Posted by TepidShark (1336 posts) -

The flowmotion really changes alot about traversal in Kingdom Hearts, I like it. Though the drop system (which is not in the demo) is what I am concerned about.

Also, bummer the Circle Pad Pro isn't supported in the demo, but I imagine when we play the full game (which does have Circle Pad Pro support) that will fix alot of the issues people have been having with the camera.

#8 Posted by ashleychittock (153 posts) -

Looks great, camera use and lock on system seems a little clunky but the flowmotion stuff is surprisingly useful and the combat is as fun as console kingdom hearts. As someone that knows nothing about this game other than what I've seen in the demo, if it has the usual Disney shtick in the game plenty then I'll definitely buy it.

#9 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

It just reinforced the fact that I really want to play this game.

#10 Posted by Deusx (1942 posts) -

I´m getting my 3DS in a couple of days. Can´t wait to try it!

#11 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

God I want this game but seriously...just fucking make KH3. Stop dangling that treat in front of us and just give it to us already.

#12 Posted by Dixavd (1826 posts) -

I would like to see that level in context because it definitely seemed like Sora was seriously overpowered. The KH games hae alwasy been pretty easy but it never seemed like the character was severely stronger than any of the enemies or even just compared to the end of the previous game. Since Sora points out something at the start of the level on "what is this? Must be more of Yen Sid's magic." which made me think it much be early in the game - but then look at all the abillities he has. Even just moving around he has the flowmotion as well as infinite gliding-dash.

My problem is I think they truly figured out the balance of combat in Birth By Sleep and I fear they completely ruined it for this. Hopefully it was just a bad showcasing of the game in the demo.

Overall though I'm not completely sold on getting it on launch. I found Theatrhythm's demo much better and that convinced me over KH 3D.

It looks good though although the 3D was one of the weakest implimentation of any of the retail games I have seen since the start of this year, it wasn't seriously bad but it wasn't the smoothest I have seen.

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