Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix TGS 2012 Trailer

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Here is your first look at what Kingdom Hearts looks like in HD (Click "CC" for English Subtitles):

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Interestingly I have been reading that the Re: Chain model for Sora has been put into Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and the scene from 358/2 Days was text only in the original DS game. Source

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I really hope this comes to North America. Really want it just for KH: FM.

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Fuck it, fine, I'm in. It should still include the rest, but goddammit I want it.

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Perhaps KH2 and Birth By Sleep in HD will follow later?

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These games look damn near identical to the PS2 releases based on this trailer. I thought HD remixes were supposed to look better... Anyways JAPANESE DONALD AND GOOFY! Whoever does Donald over there does a great job, but Goofy is all off. It makes me wonder if it's because he sounds like a completely exaggerated hick over here and that doesn't really play in Japan.

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So, it includes 1, Re: Chain, 358/2, and.....2? Or did that say 2 companions? Or something completely different?

I hope it comes to NA as well, and I really hope that they're planning on HD-ing the rest of them. Never owned a PS2 and I played a good amount of the first one on my roommate's and really enjoyed it.

And man, it's weird to hear Donald in a language that's not English.

EDIT: Shoulda read the source before posting, apparently the text says "A new edition of the early second title of the series." Ah well. Pretty sure I'm gonna be spending like 200+ hours with this edition if it crosses over the seas.

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I love Kingdom Hearts but this just made me so mad. It's what happened with The World Ends With You.

Square Enix put up a giant countdown for a TWEWY teaser and it was just a rerelease on iphone and iPad.

And then for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, they said the next Kingdom Hearts game to be released would be on the PS3.

I love KH1 + RE:Chain of Memories but after playing all of them so often I want the next one already D:

Sorry for the rage rant, but I feel lied to...

This will be a day one purchase for me though because now I need to see how well I beat KH with trophies!

I will platinum both of them :D

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@Butano: Right, it includes KH 1 and Re:Chain of Memories which is regular Chain of Memories as a ps2 game upgraded into 3D with cut scenes and the works. 358/2 Days has cut scenes on the disc but won't be part of the collection - or at least as far as we know.

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I love trailers with random ass dialogue. I'll probably play this nonsense. Obviously it would be convenient to put 2 and BBS in too, but it's probably not a bad idea trying to organize it all by chronology... except BBS is before them all. Fuck it.

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I still think this is a totally stupid name.

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@Video_Game_King said:

I still think this is a totally stupid name.

Most Kingdom Hearts games have stupid names. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. That's pretty dumb. Birth by Sleep. Dream Drop Distance.

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Actually, it seems like only more recent Kingdom Hearts games have the dumb names. The first three are OK (I like Chain of Memories, although I also like Birth by Sleep), but the rest just sound dumb. 358/2 Days is confusing (358 Days Over 2), and re:connect? Seriously?

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@Video_Game_King: If they switched the words around to make it Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5 for the US Release, would that be better? Or would that still be a bad name?

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It'd be better, but the 1.5 is the real problem.

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@Video_Game_King: Oh ok. That makes sense.

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They really should just focus on KH 3.. but this looks nice wish it had 2 and BBS but I'm guessing that's for another HD remix.

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