Kingdom Hearts HD Collection is now officially coming West!

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Following Jesse McCartney leaking that he was doing new voicework for Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix and the Playstation Blog in North America and Europe have confirmed that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is coming to North America and Europe in Fall of this year.

Aside from the fact that this is some of the best Kingdom Hearts games in HD, this collection is actually a fairly big deal now that it is coming to the west because of the games it contains:

As you can tell I am very excited now that this is coming our way. Can't wait.

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I wish they added the PSP game in this collection, also that box art is hideous!

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Sweet! Wish it would come out sooner though. Coming out around the same time as the PS4 is kind of a bummer, but I'm glad we'll be able to get it here in the US!

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This is great news but I still think it's bullshit that Kingdom Hearts 2 isn't in here.

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Yay! Great News!

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@coafi: I am happy with the games we are getting but I do hope we get an HD version of Birth by Sleep someday. In my opinion, that is the best Kingdom Hearts game.

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I'm super pumped for this but I am wondering why there isn't a KH2 in this...

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Update: here is how the localization will work for the European Version:

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Voiceovers in English, French and German, while subtitles and text will be in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  • Re: Chain and 358/2 Days: Voiceovers in English only, while subtitles and text will be in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
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There's no KH2 because they're probably going to bring out a 2.5 collection with KH2, Birth By Sleep and cutscenes from KH3D.

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I find it funny that this was announced after the Final Fantasy X remastering and will (presumably) be releasing before it.

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