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Kingdom Hearts II 0

This is a better game than the last...... Kingdom hearts now involves new people and new characters like nobodies and the lion king......I have wanted to know whats up with anti Sora I mean he never comes out in the story and thats what i want to see the most.......I give this game a 5/5 because i know a game that i have been playing for over 200 hrs is a must get game(addicting)It is better than drugs!!!!...

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Great follow up to the first, improving upon its original concept 0

If you haven't gotten this game, get it. Many of the flaws of the old game were fixed and what wasn't broken got a cementing and some new features to further richen the experience. It just feels like this generation's Final Fantasy VII in every way, save graphics and gameplay, the latter being better than the Playstation RPG. One of the most noticeable parts of the game is the gameplay. Like most Square Enix games, you'll embark on a perilous quest to in the end save the world. Along the way re...

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.. 0

Your eyes are swallowing me mirrors start to whisper shadows start to see my skin's smothering me help me find a way to breathe. Seeing as time stood still the way it did beforeIt's like I'm sleepwalking turn into another hole I gotIt's like I'm sleepwalking. I'm at the edge of the worldWhere do I go from here? Do I disappear? Edge of the world should I sink or swim? Or simply disappear?...

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Kingdom Hearts II was a good follow up. 0

Don't let my review fool you, I did enjoy Kingdom Hearts II, but there was to much about it that annoyed me. They tried to make the game more complex, in the end it was still a button masher. The story was interesting, but it was completely slowed down by all the side worlds. The game was shorter than the first and not even as fun. I rarely had to use magic and I didn't even use a Summon once. The first game just had more charm overall and better boss battles. ----------Battle System----------...

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King Hearts 2: I am not impressed 1

Before I write this review, let me make it clear that Kingdom Hearts is by far, one of the coolest things I have ever seen. They mixed JRPs (which I hate), Final Fantasy (WHICH I REALLY HATE), and Disney (which I get bored of easily) and made those three things into something awesome. That's the first game in the series. Now this "second" (third, actually) game came to me as an enormous "ergh". I mean, it's fun for like, 2 seconds but then I'm playing along and I realize that they got rid of: ...

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Good things happen when Disney and square collide. 0

Were to start.. I simply love this game, All of the Disney characters kind of make this game seem like a kids game, But the combat and Final Fantasy aspects say otherwise. You start out as a teenager named Roxas in a town called Twilight Town, The beginning takes a while to get started, you basicly find out what has happened sense the last kingdom hearts and how Roxas is connected to Sora. So for the first hour or so of the game, you are basicly watching little videos and learning the basics o...

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts 0

Kingdom Hearts II starts off very promising. From the amazing opening music video style intro to the long as hell character introductions and back story (Took me about 4 hours) the game doesn't falter too much. The voice acting is good new characters aren't annoying or dull. Thats just the beginning though. Then you start to get into the real game. The Disney stuff starts to pick up and things start to dive. Unlike the first game where the Disney aspects helped the game. In KHII Disney pulls the...

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Pretty good for something that has Disney injected into it 0

Kingdom Hearts 2 as with all Square RPG's, was well made, fun, and enjoyable. The main thing stopping it from getting 5 stars were a few key components that simply detracted tremendously for the game experience.Anybody who's played the game will tell you that the beginning is perhaps one of the worst in video game history. For the first 2-3 hours, you play as a nondescript character named Roxas, going through what is essentially one long tutorial. There is little fighting, a lot of dialogue, and...

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Easily the best Role-Playing game ever made. 0

Sora, Goofy and Donald are back on yet another perilous journey which takes them far into the world of Disney, and this time around, they do it in style. Kingdom Hearts 2 is arguably the best RPG ever made. Every aspect of KH has improved, graphics and sound are much more smother, the game is lengthier than before but still manages to prevent the missions from being too repetitive. Great voice casting and tutorial are the big improvements in the game along with some new additions.Firstly, reacti...

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A vast improvement over its predecessor. 0

As someone who was extremely disappointed with Kingdom Hearts, I wasn't expecting much with this sequel.  I expected more of the same--poorly voiced FF characters combined with Disney characters and worlds, in a mess of a story.  Thankfully, Square-Enix redeemed itself by creating a sequel with brilliant gameplay improvements.  Almost every single problem from the original Kingdom Hearts was fixed.  For me, playing the original Kingdom Hearts was more of a chore than a fun experience, but this s...

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A sequel that doesn't disappoint. 0

To start things out I just want to say that if you haven't played the first Kingdom hearts, you really should, it will not only give you a more fullfilling experince with the sequel but it will also show you how much the game has changed and improved. But if you don't want to play the first one, thats okay. Now on to the reveiw, Kingdom hearts starts of with you a boy named roxas, wait... wasn't sora the main character?. Well not for the first couple of hours he's not, anyway. After your done wi...

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Pure Win 0

Kingdom Hearts 2 is the sequel to Kingdom hearts one, which was one of the best Square Enix game. One year after Kingdom Hearts one; Sora, Donald and Goofy awake from a deep sleep after the events of chains of memories. Now awake, they embark in one final adventure to find the king, and Riku. You travel through Disney Worlds and original, hoping to find them however you stumble across and organization called: Organization 13; a bunch of nobodies who want one thing; to be somebodies. A nobody is...

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Awesome Conclusion to Sora's story 1

I am A Real Kingdom Hearts Fan and I've waited for years for the second one to come out.... And I'm still playing, the game is perfect except for one thing....LOADING TIMES!!!!! Most of the time your screen is black or white between two cutscenes. The gameplay improved a lot, the graphics too. A long but useful tutorial of three ours with Roxas helps too. The camera is really good if you know how to use it, not like Kingdom Hearts 1.And what about the Gummi Ship you say? I hated the first game G...

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Kingdom Hearts 2 Review 0

For my Video Review, go to, Kingdom Hearts 2 will go down as one of my favorite ps2 games. It is of course the follow up to kingdom hearts one, sort of, its more like a sequel to the gba game chain of memories, but that aside, lets get into the game. In Kingdom Hearts 2, you begin as a character named Roxas, A.K.A, Jesse Mccartney, as Roxas you will play through three game days, which equals out to about 3 hours, in this time you will be given what is...

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Kingdom Hearts 2 0

....Brilliant. Amazing Reunion of Friends. Graphics = Well Executed. On my favorites list? HECK YEAH. This game was really amazing, and anyone can play it. The best part of it was the ending and the final battle. I maxed out everything in this game, because I love it so much. I can't wait for the last Kingdom Hearts to come out, and the story line in this game is amazing. I love square enix for being realistic with all of their games. I am a HUGE fan....

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A worthy addition to the franchise 0

Kingdom Hearts II is the third game in the Kingdom Hearts series, and it improves on a number of mis-steps that the previous games provide. While there is little comparison in terms of gameplay with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which employs a card based battle system, this is not the case with the original game.  Kingdom Hearts II introduces the concept of action commands – times during battle that you can press triangle in order to dodge attacks/make certain attacks. This not only bro...

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Amazing game 0

Kingdom hearts 2 basicially took all of the defects in kingdom hearts and fixed each one, and added plenty of new fun things without making the game overcrowded, i personally am a huge fan of the series, but this is probably my favorite game of all time, i cant wait for the next installment. Cameras great, controls are great, difficulty settings are great, plenty of customizable parts, loads of miniquests, not too long or too short, good story, i love this game, and would suggest it to anyone el...

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Your Pain Shall Be Two Fold 0

Story: In Kingdom Hearts 2 you play as Roxas, a boy with his summer vacation winding down. Lately, Roxas has been having strange dreams and he can not explain what they mean. Soon enough you take control of Sora (the hero from Kingdom Hearts 1), Donald, and Goofy and continue your quest on eradicating the evil heartless and the nobodies. You are also still in search of your friends Rikku and Kairi. Also scheming is a group called organization 13. They are draped in black robes and are a form o...

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The mess of a story detracts from a much improved game 0

"They'll pay for this."Think about that statement for a second. What image does it conjure? If you're thinking about an enraged warrior, his anger building towards the breaking point, quietly warning his foes that he is about unleash Hell upon them, you're probably on the right track.It's also a direct quote from Kingdom Hearts II, the wildly anticipated sequel to the runaway hit from Square Enix. It fits the game pretty well, actually. After all, KHII is an action-RPG that borrows many elements...

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One of the best RPG's the the PS2. 0

Kingdom Hearts 2 is an action role-playing game for the PS2. It was developed and published by Square Enix and Buena Vista Games (which is now Disney Interactive Studios) in 2005. Kingdom Hearts 2 is a sequel to the 2002 Kingdom Hearts which had Disney and Square Enix characters into an action RPG.Gameplay: The gameplay to Kingdom Hearts 2 is a little similar to the first Kingdom Hearts game. The player controls Sora from a third-person angle, though you can play in fist-person as well. Alot of ...

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Kingdom Hearts II Review 0

Gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 2 is very fun. X is to attack, and you can do a lot of different comninations for different attacks. O is to jump.Triangle is the reaction command. If you hit that at the right time you do attacks that do more damage. Triangle also talks to people and other things. From what i've heard, the camera was terrible in the first game. I found that it was great in this one. You can also do magic spells that can cure your team and attack. Magic can also summon characters to he...

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Best of the series thus far 0

Back in 2002, a revolutionary video game came out to the Sony Playstation. A game that not many gamers had high expectations for. A game that saw the unlikely combination of Disney and Square Enix. A game that is know one of PS2's top ten selling games ever. This is the games sequel. Kingdom Hearts 2 has certainly lived up to the hype it has been getting as of late. It takes every element from the original game and improves on it two-fold. Though the gaming experience isn't quite as challenging ...

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Kingdom I Heart this game.... 2 0

When it comes to KH wether you like it or not relies heavily on what your personal tastes are for instance if you have a history of disliking JRPGs or Disney don't be expecting any revelations. But for me my extreme enjoyment of this game comes from a mix of nostalgia for Disney before it was about Hannah Montanna and High School Musical and general interest in the story of the games main characters. Now before I get into story lets talk about.... Combat Even though this game takes a lot of elem...

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