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Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] was announced at the Tokyo Game Show in 2012 alongside Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix for Playstation 3 when it was known as Kingdom Hearts for PC Browser. The game will be developed by Success Corp. who have developed several different Browser games in the past. The game will take place during the first Keyblade War mentioned during Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance, but as to what degree story will factor into the game is unknown this time. The art style is the same art style as Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and the Avatars in Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded.


The game features the action-RPG gameplay players have been accustomed to in the Kingdom Hearts series combined with cards. Players will be able to, for the first time in the series, create their own character to play as. As per usual for the series, players will be able to visit various Disney worlds fighting the Heartless.


Business Model

The game is basically free-to-play but players can purchase additional items for real world money. By pre-ordering the first edition of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, players will receive the following items for free:

  1. Card: Sora (R+) (Used for battling)
  2. 20,000 Munny (Can be used for synthesis, etc.)
  3. Card Draw 4,000 Points (Points that can be exchanged in the game)

In addition to those items if they pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix from Square Enix's e-Store, these are the free items they will also receive:

  1. Card: Riku (R+) (Used for battling)
  2. Potion x10 (Restore the ability to take action)
  3. Ether x10 (Restore your strength needed to fight a boss)

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