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Better than the orginal version

The Kingdom Hearts series is defiantly one of the best RPG series out there. There’s a great amount of Nostalgia re-uniting, with old friend and Disney’s past. Fans are still waiting for the spin off titles for the D.S and PSP, and the true sequel that will probly come on the PS3. There isn’t a new Kingdom Hearts game this year, but there is a PS2 remake of the GBA hit, Chain of Memories. Should you buy this 4 year old game, with better graphics and voice acting this time around? Let’s find out. The story in Chain of Memories takes place right after the 1 game when Sora, Donald, and Goofy went in search of Pluto who has a message from Mickey. When the fields at night, a mysteries black coated figure comes to them and brings them to Castle Oblivion. There, the trio must reach the top to find a friend of Sora’s, but at the cost of losing their Memories. The story isn’t changed, but still good. The Disney worlds have sharp writing as always and the different stories are good. Running underneath this is Riku’s struggle between light and darkness. If there’s any problem, it’s that the Disney World don’t have any voice acting to speak. Also, they feel a bit shallow, and you gonna have to read, a lot. This can stray away some fans as all the Disney worlds require you to read. There is voice acting in between the meetings of Castle Oblivion with the members of the Organization, and you side-kicks. Chain of Memories fallows a very straight forward dezien. Basically go to a door, chose your world, fight heartless to get to story events, fight the boss, and get to Castle Oblivion to get to an event that deals with Castle Oblivion. That’s pretty much it. No lame mini games to make you get to the Disney worlds. Chain of Memories combat is different from the other games in the series. It revolves around a card battle system. Every attack must use a card to do an attack. You can counterattack an opponent’s card with a higher card. There also a good amount of strategy using the card system. When killing an enemy, little orbs come out and when collected, you gain EXP. When you level up, you can increase either your health, amount off cards you can use, or gain a new ability. Also, when going in a doorway, you use a card to go through and either fight enemies, save, or buy new cards. You can also summon different Disney characters like side-kicks Donald and Goofy, as well as other Disney heroes. When you finished playing as Sora, you can play as Riku. You can’t change his card set, but makes up for his dark form, which you can level up, as well as his health and attack power. The only problem with the gameplay is that it gets repeative. As said before, you’re basically going into the dungeons, battling enemies, get to the story events, fight the boss, and exit. There’s nothing new to the gameplay, but still its fun. Also, Chain of Memories Bosses are really tough, the Disney Bosses are fine and give a decent challenge, but the Battles take place in Castle Oblivion are really hard. You’ll need to be on your toes and have plenty of high level cards. Chain of memories is a GBA game, and has been remade as a PS2 game. The game looks good for the most part. The art looks great, and the character deziens look good. The Worlds are much smaller and re-used, but given it was made that way the game was made, it’s understandable. The audio is also good with a fine soundtrack and the voice acting is solid. The PS2 version of Chain of memories is the better version. If you played the original, you can easily sell it and get this game, and at the price for $30.00, it’s a good deal for a 4 year old game being remade for a console
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