Do you think its possible that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be in 360?

#1 Posted by Yojimbo217 (31 posts) -

I asked this in another forum and it just turned into a console war cluster f***.
do you think its possible after the announcement of FFXIII?

#2 Posted by Met2609 (555 posts) -

Well, now that Square's biggest franchise Final Fantasy has officially gone 360, I wouldn't be surprised if they continued with the trend.

#3 Posted by Player1 (3874 posts) -

The thought of that made me lol. Just think of the ps3 fanboys totally losing it if that happens. Wow I hope so, and I dont even want to play it, I just want to see the ps3 fanboys go nuts

#4 Posted by GoodKn1ght (491 posts) -

oh god i would have the biggest nerdgasm ever if that happened

#5 Posted by Nobility (295 posts) -

Before E3, I would have said no, but after that megaton announcement, anything is possible.

#6 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

More likely than not. Kingdom hearts is also a shared property with Disney Interactive, who sure love money. With Square and Disney both wanting big bucks they will make the game multiplatform unless Sony pays up.

#7 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

I'd love to see Kingdom hearts 3 on the 360 because Kingdom hearts 2 is my favorite game of all time. The announcement of FF13 coming to the 360 gives me a lot of hope.

#8 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

i don't think this will come to the xbox360

#9 Posted by SonicFire (821 posts) -

Well, Otacon has a point. However, Disney has been a staunch supporter of the Blu-Ray format. Now whether that includes video games, I do not know.

Of course, it's easy to overlook that the Kingdom Hearts series has also been home on handheld consoles. I could easily see the series' next iteration ending up there. I think I could be happy either way. Although I had a lot of fun with both KHI and KHII, I hope they continue to darken the story and perhaps make the emotions make more sense...
#10 Posted by BashantArvel (16 posts) -

I was never a fan of Kingdom Hearts series. So, I'm hoping it does not come to the Xbox360.

#11 Posted by Kermit (14 posts) -

There were some rumors flooting around that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be Wii exclusive. We will know more at the Square Enix party in two weeks, so just two weeks away to have some more info. 

#12 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

I guess it'd be possible... hell there were rumors of KH3 going to the wiii

#13 Posted by Shocker (2339 posts) -

If it doesn't I will end up getting a PS3. Theres a good chance it'll come to 360 i bet.

#14 Posted by MsCortana (429 posts) -

Anything is possible..:D

#15 Posted by Ma7moud (805 posts) -

yes, why not ?

#16 Posted by Player1 (3874 posts) -
Ma7moud said:
"yes, why not ?
Because its a ps3 of now
#17 Posted by RebelLoyalist (208 posts) -

I hope not really, I do not what this game on the 360.

#18 Posted by mattz (33 posts) -

If any game was going to get me to buy a PS3 it was going to be Kingdom Hearts 3 but I think it has a good chance to go over to the 360. Square realizes that the 360 has a larger fan base currently and don't forget that Disney also gets a say weather or not if they would like to make it multi-platform. Thinking about it from their perspective of how they can make up for the the money from production and make a profit, with the way things are going I really think that it'll be on the 360 unless Sony pays them to make it exclusive that is.

#19 Posted by raahsnavj (43 posts) -

Is it made by Sony? If the answer is no, then it might be on the X360 in due time. Only 1st party titles are not at risk of being multiplat this gen. Costs are too high, install base is still too low for just one system...

I know this makes fans of a particular console angry but please... get over yourself and let everyone play games. This whole "it's my ball and I don't want you to play with it" attitude is just a little too elementary school for me.

#20 Posted by RVonE (4659 posts) -

Are they still working on KH3? It has been so long since anything solid was mentioned about that game.

#21 Posted by Shocker (2339 posts) -
RebelLoyalist said:
"I hope not really, I do not what this game on the 360."
Why would it be a bad thing? You don't have to buy it if you don't like it.
#22 Posted by Shadz (199 posts) -

Ohhhh, I really hope so.

#23 Edited by Shocker (2339 posts) -
RVonE said:
"Are they still working on KH3? It has been so long since anything solid was mentioned about that game."
I sure hope so. But I'm sure it won't be released for a long time.
#24 Posted by normajean777 (450 posts) -

well probably not kingdom hearts is really popular in japan more so then in the U.S so i say it will probably be on ps3 or wii or both maybe

#25 Posted by Civvie (96 posts) -

Dual Release = Yes
Just 360 = No way in hell

#26 Posted by Major (506 posts) -

If the 360 version of FF does well I can see them doing more games of their existing franchises on the 360.

#27 Posted by SeriousCat (61 posts) -

Wouldn't surprise me.

I'm gonna say it probably will if FFXIII sells reasonably well on 360.

#28 Posted by BeyondPerfection (49 posts) -

I hope so, it wouldn't bother me though if it didn't. I have all three systems just incase.

#29 Posted by De5 (98 posts) -

I just want it on 360 or Wii so I can buy it.

#30 Posted by stealingstuffandlauren (9 posts) -

i dont care, i just want it at all

#31 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

I don't even think that its in production yet so we will have to see.

#32 Posted by JoshB (169 posts) -

good lord I hope so

#33 Posted by Bladefire (214 posts) -

It will if it will make more money.

#34 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (161 posts) -

I always thought it would come out on the Wii, but not the 360... Only reason why I think it'll come on the Wii is because of Chain of Memories for the gba, but that's not really great proof...just a thought

#35 Posted by BrownBagga (22 posts) -

Does SquareEnix like $

#36 Posted by RedSox8933 (2428 posts) -

oh yeah. there was no chance before ffxiii was announced. now there is plenty of hope. maybe even count on it.

#37 Posted by sephiroth1983 (96 posts) -

to be onest with game development being as expensive as it is now anything is possible thats my current stance on all 3rd party exclusive titles as the companies are here to make money

#38 Posted by Foil_Charizard (345 posts) -

We can only hope, assuming they ever get around to making it.

#39 Posted by Bodycount (72 posts) -

there have been rumors of it being for wii. That's the obvious choice, since the game would sell a ton on it. 360 seems least likey, especially since it's made by nomura, an avid sony fanboy and X hater, just like versus 13 is.

#40 Posted by the9 (95 posts) -

I just want it to compliment my Wii60

#41 Posted by Roland (42 posts) -

If you were to ask me a year or two ago I would've said not a chance.

After the recent announcements of Star Ocean 4, The Last Remnant, and Final Fantasy XIII....................I think its a good possibility.

#42 Posted by CountRockula (398 posts) -

I see it coming out either exclusively on Wii, or as a multi-platform title for PS3 and 360.  I really hope it's the latter, as I've managed to avoid needing to buy a Wii thus far.  It would be a pain in the ass to have to buy one just for that game.

#43 Posted by LuffyUzumaki (453 posts) -
#44 Posted by Johanz (248 posts) -

Well, seeing as FF13 is coming to the Xbox 360, anything is possible! Especially with a big franchise like Kingdom Hearts. Remember, it's already out on the PS2, and coming to the PSP and DS, seeing the next big KH title on PS3 and Xbox 360 wouldn't surprise me. :)

#45 Posted by Wolverine (4281 posts) -

Now that FF13 is on 360 I wouldn't be as surprised.

#46 Posted by Bilawal (109 posts) -

Highly doubt it. It is more likely to move to the Wii, as the devolpers who made it aren't familiar with the 360 and are with the Wii and PS3.

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