Keyblade Was Originally A Chainsaw

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Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura has recently talked about the creation of the series in an Interview with Joystiq.

It turns out that Square Enix originally suggested Mickey Mouse as main protagonist, while Disney on the other hand had hoped for the slightly quackers Donald Duck to take centre stage. Nomura wanted neither, and so the multiple-character setup was born.

As with any great RPG, there needed to be a signature weapon of course, and the Keyblade wasn't it..initially. What Nomura showed Disney and Square Enix executives was slightly...different from the family brand's image: A Chainsaw.

"Everyone got this scrunched-up look on their face and nobody said a word in the entire room. Dead silence. And I thought 'No, I guess this wouldn't work, huh?'
- Tetsuya Nomura

Thanks to Joystiq: [Interview]

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lol at first i thought the title read "beyblade was originally a chainsaw"

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a chainsaw with keys instead of blades

you think videogame chainsaws are brutal now, with their sharp clean cutting.

Oh no, a keysaw rips you apart, bit by bit.

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Well, Nomura did manage to sneak this one into KH2:

It's the Fenrir -- the keyblade you earn by defeating Sephiroth.

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Well, a chainsaw would be likely to get caught on the characters' belts. All 12 of them.

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Good move really, it wouldn't fit the Disney theme at all.

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You know you want this usb stick
You know you want this usb stick

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yeah disney and chainsaw just aren't compatible.

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@Kou_Leifoh said:
" ...................................what? "
This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.
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Where can I find that Image? looks almost 3D, and it would come useful.
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That's pretty ironic since Marcus Pheonix was originally suppose to have a Keyblade in Gears of War

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God damn my lazy Photoshop skills....
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dude! i wish i could take a chainsaw to some of those disney characters!

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I suppose that would completely throw off the whole "able to be played by children" market. 
I must acknowledge, though, that his first idea was slightly more interesting.

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