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At the end of Birth by Sleep Final Mix, "Birth By Sleep Volume II" pops up. This can't be ANOTHER game before KH3 can it? Nomura already said that KH: DDD would be the last before the next proper numbered sequel. Unless...volume II is released before DDD. What do you think Volume II is?


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I can't think of anything else that might come out of Birth by Sleep. It already went through how Ventus became Roxas. What other story do they need to tell???

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I wondered who that dude was who delivered the first line of original Birth by Sleep. Still don't know.

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I get that the fiction of the KH games is incredibly complex and that there's a ton of stories, side stories and back stories to tell, but isn't this getting ridiculous now? I mean how many games have come out in the time between Kingdom Hearts II and whenever Kingdom Hearts III comes out? 5? 6? I'm typically a Square Enix apologist, and that generally goes for the Kingdom Hearts series, but even I'm getting a little tired of all this Kingdom Hearts news not being related to a 3rd, proper game in the series.

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Should have been some type of spoiler warning in the topic title.
So there will be a game in between Birth by Sleep and KH 1 now?

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@JJOR64: That is what Joystiq seems to think. Also theory: there is all this talk of PSP2 lately maybe this is coming to that.
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@TepidShark:   God, I hope it doesn't come to the PSP2.

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