Kingdom Hearts 3 Preview At TGS '09 ?

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Nomura-san has been talking to Famitsu about the all things Square Enix, and has informed them that there will be no Square Enix Mega Theater at this years TGS. Square are instead deciding to fully concentrate on promoting the games they will have at the show. One of those games is of course the upcoming PSP Kingdom Hearts game, Birth by Sleep. On the subject of the PSP game, that will have a demo at the show, Nomura-san had this to say: 

"I believe there are lots of mysteries, or areas of interest, so perhaps people will want to play the next title. There is a secret movie, after all." 

When asked if this means Kingdom Hearts 3, he replied:  

"the next title, is the next title"

Here lies a blowout of KH: Birth by Sleep for those equally interested in the PSP game:|en&tbb=1&ie=Shift_JIS  
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awww yea

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God, I hope it's there.  They can just announce the game and not show anything and I will be happy.  I've been waiting for KH3 for the longest time now.

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Doesn't necessarily mean KH3.  I mean, after KH2, they've had 358/2 and now this.  Who knows, though?

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There was a secret movie at the end of KH2. Maybe he's referring to another secret ending at the end of Birth By Sleep that will clear some things up.

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" Doesn't necessarily mean KH3.  I mean, after KH2, they've had 358/2 and now this.  Who knows, though? "

A recent DS game, now a PSP game.. there is the slightest possibility it could be a Wii game (due to audience), however, Square are delivering well on Wii in Japan with other games, so perhaps not. That leaves the the PS3 and 360. If any of the two consoles are to get a a game in the Kingdom Heart series Square are not going to be mucking about with some spin off game, it's more than likely to be Kingdom Hearts 3.
Time will tell as it always does.

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