Will KH3 Be On A Sony Platform & Do You Want Final Mix Blu-Ray?

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Sup fools, 
Recently I was lurking the forums and I saw a picture that was made on the internet.  It looks like this: 

 Notice, All the Proper Games Are Exclusive To Sony
So, do you think that KH3 will be PS3 exclusive?  Nomura already has the engine running properly with Versus XIII, so all he'd have to do is put some Disney and make it for kids.  Or do you feel Nomura should put it on another console...or even, dare I say...on the Xbox 360.   
Also, if Square was to release the Final Mixes on Blu-Ray for people to catch up...would you be in or out?   Keep in mind these would have to be in Japanese as there is not a single bit of English voice acting that was recorded for the massive extra chapters in KH and KH2.  :|
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ 
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix (slightly updated as this is a PSP game).  
EDIT:  Chain of Memories is part of KH2FM+ by the way, if people were wondering.
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I would like that actually. As for exclusivity, I'm gonna assume that it'll stay exclusive.

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I'd prefer it stay exclusive just for the sake of them concentrating on one platform. I mean, with a port as bad as the FF13 360 version, why even bother?

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It would make sense engine wise, but the problem is that KH1 and 2 were on the PS2, which was the dominant last generation console. Since there isnt a dominant console in this generation, there are an awful lot of ex-ps2 owners who now own a 360 instead of a ps3. So from a sales point of view, sticking it on both ps3 and 360 would be a much smarter thing to do from a Square Enix perspective.

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@benjaebe: I think that was because they started developing the 360 version later in the PS3 development of the game. Maybe if they start from scratch for both versions, they will be decently comparable.  
I don't really mind if it's exclusive or not, I'm more interested in hearing an announcement of KH 3. I'm sick of the constant side story games. It's getting ridiculous. 
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Releasing KH3 on the PS3 is fine, and the framework is there with the Versus XIII engine, though it kills me (admittedly really, really unlikely) dream of seeing the Kingdom Hearts characters clash with Nintendo universes on the Wii...

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I want every single Final Fantasy game that was released in Japan that wasn't released in the US. FF X-2 International + Last Mission, Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System, and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +. How come Square-Enix never released these games out in the US?

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I feel like Kingdom Hearts 3 will never be made at this point. They're just going to keep making ridiculous spin-offs until no one cares anymore.  
As for a Final Mix Blu-Ray, I would like that very much. 

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@KaosAngel said:
" @Afroman269: There are 14 games for this franchise already...and only 4 of them are proper story.  14 games in less than 10 years...think about that. "
Ugh, that is just stupid. The only portable ones that I touched was 358/2 days.....didn't finish cuz the story didn't hold my attention and then Birth by Sleep.....which I should probably finish once I find my PSP. *notices sequel announcement to Birth by Sleep. Seriously.......wtf?!
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It was hardly a bad port. I only had one instance throughout the entire game in which I though: "oh, that may have been better on the PS3" and that was during a cutscene.
Bayonetta was a bad port. FFXIII was not.
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I'd love to see Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Xbox 360, but the problem is that it's a series. Unlike Final Fantasy, which starts fresh each game, Kingdom Hearts relies on its previous games to support it -- games which were all on the PlayStation 2. 
Then again, Square Enix has been taking a MAJOR liking in the Xbox 360 recently, so I would not be surprised to see it release on both systems.

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I don't care unless there is a Ducktales level.

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I'd like to see that series relegated to the NGP. 
I didn't like the console KH games (though I played through all of one, and half of two for some reason), but kinda enjoyed Chain of Memories, and BBS. Birth by Sleep was basically the console games in a portable format, and I kinda enjoyed them more. I guess it's because it was easier to tune out the things I dislike (all of the story and all of the characters, disney or square), and just focus on the fun bits like the combat. That game did combat well for an action JRPG. 

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@drac96 said:
" I feel like Kingdom Hearts 3 will never be made at this point. They're just going to keep making ridiculous spin-offs until no one cares anymore.   As for a Final Mix Blu-Ray, I would like that very much.  "
Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS is said to be the lead-up to KH3 - like Chain of Memories was for KH2 - and Nomura has said he'll start working on KH3 once Versus XIII is done, which is soon.
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I'm betting and hoping that KH3 will be announced either at E3 or TGS and will be exclusive to the PS3.  As tempting as a blu ray rerelease sounds I'll probably pass on that one at least at first.

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It will stay exclusive in Japan at least and by the looks of the Versus XIII engine it might not even be able to run on the 360.... Still anything can happen so I'm going to keep a open mind.

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I would pay good munnies for a Kingdom Heart I & II Ultima Mix+

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Actually, the first one was justified, everything after it should be in the Milk category. I've already thrown my bet down for this being a PSP2 game.

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