Would You Go For This Idea For KH3?

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You know how Square puts Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts games for no reason? Well I was thinking, do you think Square should put characters from other Square games? I think it would be an exciting idea.

I played enough Final Fantasy games with all the pretty men and cheesy romances to make me sexually confused. Of course, my last outing with Final Fantasy was filled with teenage prostitute and pedophilia. That was my JRPG world in a nutshell, but when I encountered Dragon Quest VIII on the PlayStation 2 back in 2005, my JRPG world was turned upside down. I became more of a Dragon Quest fan from there on out, so much that I played the first five games in the series (The ones I didn't beat is Dragon Quest II & V).

Anyways, I would like to see Dragon Quest characters in Kingdom Hearts; along side them is characters from other Square game such as:

So what do you guys say, do you think Square should lay off the pretty men and put in some Dragon Ball looking dudes, an samurai, an short samurai, a dude that looks like a Kingdom Hearts dude and a martial arts dude?

What are your thoughts?

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I always felt that the Square characters in the first KH game was to ensure some partial appeal to their fans if they didn't like the Disney angle. Since the Disney side of the game is obviously well received, I would have liked for them to cut back on Final Fantasy and only do Disney stuff along with original characters.

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Well Neku is in Kingdom Hearts 3D, so we can only hope TWEWY characters will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 as well.

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I want to see them try to adapt the Disney Prince of Persia movie with Ubisoft's help.  Mainly for the confusion.

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@SethPhotopoulos said:

I want to see them try to adapt the Disney Prince of Persia movie with Ubisoft's help. Mainly for the confusion.

The Prince and Aladdin should swap lives. The Prince goes flying around on Magic Carpet singing songs while Aladdin jumps around a straight murders fools.

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I want Marvel characters too.

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No, they'd go and ruin those characters too.

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If it means I get more Kainé, I am down for whatever. Sure, I wouldn't mind them doing that.

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Well that Neku guy from that awful DS game is in 3D so iunno?

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@ESREVER said:

If it means I get more Kainé, I am down for whatever. Sure, I wouldn't mind them doing that.

That'll just confuse a lot more people. I'm all for it!

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Marvel characters would be rad

Also Kane and Lynch

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I never thought about TWEWY dudes being in there! Hoooooly shit that would rock. Too bad I decided a while ago that I didnt give a shit about KH3 anymore.

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I wish they'd just put in FF characters from non-Spiky hair FF's. 2 seconds of Setzer does not count.

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