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Circle of Doom was a generic, boring and ugly mess. 0

This is my first Kingdom Under Fire game.  I have the 2 Xbox releases just sitting on my shelve, waiting to be played, but I felt like playing this one first.  From my understanding, the very first Kingdom Under Fire game was a straight up RTS.  The 2 Xbox games were closer to Dynasty Warrior type Hack and Slasher / war games.  Circle of Doom is actually closer to Phantasy Star Online or Monster Hunter.  I was expecting a somewhat fast paced game, like Diablo.  While it does share some familiari...

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Not nearly as good as the series Xbox releases. 0

I was a huge fan of KUF: The Crusaders and KUF: Heroes on the original Xbox, and was excited when this game was announced. On playing this game, however, my reaction was far from what I expected. To put it simply this game isn’t nearly as good as The Crusaders or Heroes, partly because they changed the gameplay. GameplayThis game focuses less on the strategy and focuses more on being a hack and slash rpg. You can equip two weapons at a time and have an attack button for each weapon. This causes...

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Just a waste of time. 0

Good dungeon crawls should be relatively easy games to make. They have a very well established formula: phat loot + gaining levels and new abilitites + varied and interesting monsters to kill, with a dash of story and interesting levels = at the very least a playable Diablo clone. When all of the steps are taken and done well the results are games like Champions of Norrath and Titan Quest; excellent titles with a lot of replay value and fun multiplayer on top of it all. Even when an ingredient o...

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