Advice: Might/Fin build at Lv. 36... WOW. Huge difference.

#1 Posted by xyzygy (10103 posts) -

For the longest time I kept telling myself the combat in Amalur would get better as my destiny unfolded. It just got so tedious, the same 3 chakram combos and the - literally - ONE staff combo. And don't get me started on how ridiculous the Sceptres are. What a waste of a weapon. It's basically a gun.

But that was exactly my problem - I didn't delve out into other classes. I was a pure mage and had access to all the skills and all the abilities. The weapons are extremely limited and the spells are so repetitive. I have been playing my spanking new Finesse/Might build and I have to say I feel in love with the game again. The game is challenging (on Hard!), no more am I forced to just clear a room by Meteor, and Parrying actually makes sense.

My advice is to stay FAR away from the Mage class in this game. It's boring, repetitive, and you can't cancel out of the vast majority of the moves. And there are hardly any moves. Chakrams are fun for a while, but they grow old. That sound they make really gets on my nerves now.

With Finesse I am taking advantage of the bow, poisoning enemies (which helps so much), and the critical hit abiliity. I'm all Might for everything else. This game has gotten good again, but it was only my own fault that it became stale.

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Might/FInesse hybrid is an excellent way to go. Combat is kind of mashy in a fun way, but it requires enough precision in timing your parries and cancels to be challenging. Max out bow skills, and the poison active skill, and the Might-based successive-attack active skill, and you will dish out pretty insane amounts of damage. I thoroughly endorse Might/FInesse hybridization.

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Thats one of things i like best about the game is the ability to cheaply re spec your character anytime. I have always been balancing my character between 2 classes but am going to start trying to put all my points into just one class. Really like the game a lot.

#4 Posted by TheHT (12098 posts) -

Last I played I was rocking a Finesse/Magic dude. Roll around with daggers slicing and dodging and managing farther off enemies with electricity. I also had the Might hookshot thing, so zipping past lower class enemies to the big guys only to dance around it slashing and casting is a blast.

Can't go wrong with a Finesse, even if it's a hybrid.

#5 Posted by xyzygy (10103 posts) -

I even think that a Magic/Might combo would be good, but just not Magic alone since it's way too basic. On PC maybe since you're not limited by only 4 spells.

#6 Posted by kerse (2127 posts) -

I'm finesse/sorcery and its pretty fun.

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