Gold Armor Sets

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Has anyone found a complete gold armor set on their travels? I'm about 30 hours in and have only found a piece here and there, which is too bad, because I love the idea of unique armor. Also, the pieces I find seem to be way below my current level, which is also unfortunate. I have a feeling that I'll get through the game without having a unique set (minus the Sheppard set).

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There are some sets that are random drops.
But there are also some sets that you will/can get (complete) during the course of some quests. For example you can easily get a mage set duiring that guild quests, at the end of travelers they straight up give you a complete one, Warsworn have a set but it requires some exploration of their hidden areas.

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@Tennmuerti: Thanks. I know some are random drops because for that's where I've found some. I haven't worked through the guild quests yet, but it's nice to see a reward for going through it.

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I haven't found a complete set yet. The closest I've come so far is three out of five pieces. It seems like there are too many different sets which makes it nearly impossible to complete any one of them with random drops. If and when you actually complete a set either it's going to be too far below your level to be useful or you're not going to have a whole lot of game left to play anyway.

I've only got the Caeled Coast of Klurikon and all of Alabastra left to explore. Time to complete any of the sets is running out.

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Yeah, I found a finesse set that I almost completed. The rub though is that by the time I got near the end, even the more basic drops were outpacing the set.

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I only got the ones for completing faction quests. I used the Sorrows set when I switched from Universalist to Archmage (kinda overpowered to press-two-buttons-and-everything-is-dead overpowered).

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Yeah its mostly drop loot or hidden loot. If you perk into Detect Hidden you will find more for sure.

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I never found more than one piece of the random sets, but that one helmet was amazing and probably took me through about 2/3's of the game. Weirdly the only questline that I got good armour from was the shitty online pass questline, essentially making it the only reason for playing it.

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I found a full set near the end of the main story. Think it was off of a boss? Might've been a chest. All in one place.

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I really wish all the unique weapons and armors would scale with your level...

#11 Posted by Yummylee (23515 posts) -

The only full sets I found were off a chain of quests, like the House of Valor stuff. But yeah, often I'll find like 2 pieces, and by the time I possibly find another they're already under-levelled. The loot in general has some really poor balancing across the game. But of course the game is so easy that you're at least offered the opportunity to basically wear whatever you want without getting into much ire. I remember I was rolling around with the House of Ballads cloth set for hours when I was finding greens and even whites that were generally superior.

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