Loot, where is it?

#1 Posted by Eckshale (82 posts) -

So I've been playing for 15h now and I'm at lvl 28, yet all loot that i find have a required level at 16 or lower, in fact i have been using the same chakrams since i was level 15 since I'm not finding anything better.

Armor seems pretty stagnant too but i can see why they would max out the requirement below 55 point investments.

Is this intentional or just bad luck?

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The level requirement for loot will always be lower then your own level (except maybe at the very start). The gap between your level and level requirement will keep increasing further into the game.

Plus yes luck. You might have lucked out on awesome chakrams early on.

As a reference the best greatswords I can make as a blacksmith only requires lvl 18 yet it is made out of endgame materials and has paperdoll dmg of 250. I'm 36 atm.

#3 Posted by InsidiousTuna (479 posts) -

Craft stuff.

#4 Posted by Eckshale (82 posts) -

Guess i won't be going after the level cap then after all then.

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The level requirements for the stuff I've found has been low, but the attack rating is still increasing as I explore the world. Side quests occasionally have some good loot too. What is the attack rating on your chakrams? I'm lvl 26 and mine are 142.

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The loot is in Diablo III.

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Its still kind of sad to be getting almost all "requires level 1-3" gear when I'm already level 16. I'm only getting gear from quests and crafting now.

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I had to make the awesome Charkams that I have. I am lvl 40 and the highest requirement lvl item I have needs 14. The weapon 's damage, durablity, and damage types keep getting better. So donot get hung up on the level requirements. If you do not like making armour, thhen find those you can add gems to inroder to begin up stats. Hope this helps. I LOVE my Charkams.

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With find hidden skill you might find a few purple or good items (as I never found a normal set of daggers equal to the base damage of the purple quality one found ages ago that did over 150 damage), sadly a lot of the loot doesn't scale much. In the 2nd major area you might find some better common weapons to break down for crafting but even near the end fight at max level I kept getting loot that was minor healing potions or other senseless junk not really worth selling. You do get some good loot from finishing the faction quests like a full armor set from the Travelers when done.

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I like using unique stuff cause it looks different. Doesn't matter if it's not as powerful as the regular stuff I find. Combat's not that hard anyways.

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If you aren't going for a multi-class speciality - i.e. if you go Might only - you'll find some gear you can't use due to the Skill level required, like 18 in Finesse or the like.

I was going more at a level per hour early in the game, you are cruising to be so far in!

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Wow really? I have consistently been changing my gear because I make sure to open every chest and often find really amazing items. I am far above the level of where I should be and I'm still finding the game challenging... but I'm also playing on hard. I also find that the loot in this game is extremely reminiscent of a mixture of Diablo 2 and Morrowind.

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