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I recently got Kingdoms of Amalur off of playstation plus. I'm about seven hours into the game and I'm currently focusing on leveling up my character as a mage. For people who have played the game, is it better to focus on one class or to do a little cross upgrading? I could simply undo all my upgrades and change character class midway, but it seems like that would result in a lot of your inventory then becoming useless. For example, as a mage I have mostly robes, veils, and staffs. If I switched my leveling to a warrior class, I wouldn't really want to use most of these items. Give me your thoughts.

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I didn't play a whole lot of the game but considering the game has so many hybrid classes I think you're find dabbling in whatever you want to honestly.

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You will be fine either way, the game is never difficult enough to make level planning of any real importance. Pure characters can completely dominate, so can certain hybrids (like war/mage) to the point of making it not fun. As long as you don't just spend points completely willy nilly and have at least some sort of synergy it'll be ok. just play what you like.

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I'm not sure it entirely matters all that much - if you do the side quests I have a feeling that most of the game will be a cakewalk (that was my experience, at any rate). And it seems like you could probably get into another class pretty easily simply by buying new items appropriate for the new class, or storing anything that looks extremely good in your stash if you feel like branching over.

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I played that as a game jack of all trades and found it pretty easy, though I will say if you're going to do it that it you may have to over-level to get the most of the higher tier destiny.

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You can get away with anything, really. For my part I played as a Finesse/Magic character and enjoyed using daggers and chakrams.

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