Sage, Warrior or Thief

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So far I've only gotten out of the first well of souls tower or whatever it is and I'm in my sage gear on a road to something I guess. So I haven't really decided which direction I should go in. I've already dumped two points into the staff and one into the lightning bolt. Do you guys have any tips on which you think is a better path? What are some of the pros and cons? I don't want to put a lot of points into something and realize I don't like where this is going. My initial impression of this game is that I like it so far. Colours.

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You can respec very easily as many times as you want for a small-ish fee. idk what else to tell you. I like Might? Haven't used the other classes so I can't say anything more.

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I have put 2/3rds of my points into magic and 1/3rd into might, and I am having a great time. Do whatever, man. This game accommodates all creeds.

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Respec and destiny perks mean that you can basically feel things out without having to make a concrete choice.

Personally I'm going for half Might and half sorcery destiny with Longsword/Staff.

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Whatever you do, don't specc Might and abuse 'Unrelenting Assault'. That skill turns combat into a farce (it's the buff which removes removes flinch for its duration). I like Finesse best thus far, I have yet to try Sorcery though. I did in the demo and everything was one-hit-killed out of the gate by that mark and execute fire skill. That's too OP to be lasting fun.

Once you are deep into Finesse you'll get Gambit. Most fun utility spell I've played around with in years.

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Best thing is to go one of the three trees early on to get to surviving though be sure when you level up to look at the destinies marked with all 3 types (might, finesse & magic), so far those have been the best once you get enough points to use them because they tend to have a +1 to all your skills which is rather helpful. From there I've been mostly thief path but dumping other points in the other skills to be sure to get the higher levels of the jack of all trades stuff.

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