Should I finish this game?

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I don't think I'm even half way through it, due to constantly being distracted by the lengthy side missions, but the last time I played it was probably more than half a year ago, maybe even close to a year. I remember kind of enjoying it, but I wasn't using a controller before. Now I use my PS3 controller to play stuff on the PC. Should I bother finishing this game? A lot of people seemed down on it in today's TNT chat.

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@aegon: If you're really in the mood to play an RPG or something, yeah, go for it. I think it's style of combat is generally better suited to a controller, so that's a plus.

But if you already set it down for that long, that's probably telling of your overall enthusiasm for seeing the rest of the world. Like Vinny (and possibly yourself), I fall into this hole of wanting to finish most games I start unless they are really not fun at all, but you don't always have to. Sometimes you've seen enough of the game to be satisfied with.

Just based off the fact that you walked away from it for so long, you're probably better off letting it go, and playing some other game you own that you're interested in starting. Unless you're in high school/don't have a job, and don't have many other games you haven't finished at the moment. But I kinda assume that nearly everyone on these forums has a fairly shameful backlog they could always dive into.

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I enjoyed it, do the factions but skip the side stuff (pick up the quests and if they get done they get done but don't focus on them) the game gets better the further in you get.

There are a lot of different combat options, if things are getting stale respec to another skill tree and try something new.

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@aegon: Try again. Just ignore all side quests. If you see a side quest, tell it, "No means no." and just move on by. And then finish that dang game!

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When it came out, I remember Jeff's suggestion being "Do all of the faction stuff and the main quest, and not much of the side stuff." He also seemed to be of the opinion that it's a good thirty hour game but not for much more than that.

I've played some of it and I definitely plan to go back to it pretty soon (though I have no clue where I was so I'll probably restart it). What I played was fun enough.

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If you're having fun, go ahead. Personally, it bored the shit out of me and I quit after a couple hours.


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