So, what about this game needs to be patched?

#1 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (3906 posts) -

I was thinking about picking this game up if I ever saw it for a decent sale price, but I've heard some people commenting that due to the developer's financial problems, it's probably never going to get the patch that it needs.

While I'm sorry to hear about the whole situation, I'd like to know just how bad the issues are. I liked the demo, but I might not want to pick it up if there are too many problems with the game.

#2 Posted by kindone (2833 posts) -

I think the difficulty and pacing is all that needs to be changed, other than that I haven't found much other than a few bugs that make the game require a patch.

#3 Posted by Curval (63 posts) -

It's a decent game. The action is fun and the environments look cool. What killed it for me was the pacing. You're going at a good clip until you hit the first big city. Then the game grinds to a halt as you run around talking, talking and doing even more talking. I get RPGs have dialog but most of this is just boring. It's part of what killed Oblivion for me, every NPC doesn't need to have dialog trees and tell you their life story. Bethesda fixed this with Skyrim and I've played other RPGs (Drakensang) that get NPC dialog right. This unfortunately isn't one of those games. Like Jeff said in the Quicklook this would of been an awesome 30 hour game.

#4 Posted by me3639 (1853 posts) -

As someone who played over 150 hrs and i think finished every quests this is the only open world rpg i can recall that i never, and i repeat never came across a bug or glitch. Actually incredible work. As for a patch the only thing needed is harder difficulty, and a level cap raise.

#5 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -

Unfortunately, you can't patch boring out of a game.

#6 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2502 posts) -

@BraveToaster said:

Unfortunately, you can't patch boring out of a game.

#7 Posted by fini_fly (767 posts) -

Make the enemy AI more aggressive and ramp up the difficulty.

#8 Posted by david3cm (636 posts) -

They need to patch in interesting combat, a larger variety of enemies, an interesting plot and sidequests, and better looking ui. Other than that nothing.

#9 Posted by eagles_band (159 posts) -

Put in about 50 hours. Have only ran into some cosmetic bugs, and just some minor hiccups. Only 1 issue ever cause me t reboot. My FPS dropped to about 5, and never recovered.

I recommend it, even at 60 bucks.

#10 Posted by kerse (2118 posts) -

There are no serious bugs that I saw that need patching. It's a fun game just try and ignore most of the side stuff.

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