Anyone have a chance to check out King's Bounty?

#1 Posted by snide (2672 posts) -

Curious to how it plays. The art style looks very WoW influenced, which to me is a good thing. I love turn based strategy games and might just have to pick this one up.

#2 Posted by Vinchenzo (6466 posts) -

Cover art looks like a Cinderella rip off of Arthas from Warcraft 3 when he still had a soul.

#3 Posted by Psynapse (1084 posts) -

I haven't heard much about this, one of my mates has picked this one up. He loves it... But then again he loves alot of games which were crap...

Gamespy gave this one a 90, Supposably its alot like Hereos 5 with better graphics and 'much deeper strategy'... So if you like a turn based strategy game then looks like this one is for you!

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I quite like this game a lot. Although it has its pitfalls like the sporadic nature of its difficulty curve.

Playing through the game presents some very interesting situations . For example wives in the game are quite creatively implemented.

Now that you mention it, it does have a similar feel to playing the Warcraft 3 campaign, which is obviously purely cosmetic since they dont really play alike.

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I've been playing the game since it came out.. absolutely fantastic. It's HOMM as more of a real rpg. It's mostly about the battles, but you can actually do quite a bit of random crap in the game. The getting a wife aspect is just bizarre. Really funny and varied quests and units to get. Seriously this is my game of the year so far. It completely blows me away how much love has been put into this by the development team. Real love, like Molyneux was talking about.

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As a big fan of the Heroes Of Might & Magic series (well, up to the 3rd one anyway, 4th installment was decent and I never played the 5th one) I'm wondering how this game is different from those? I know the original King's Bounty from the late 80s served as a big influence in the creation of Heroes but I never played it much.

#7 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3244 posts) -

I wish I could

#8 Posted by skudfisher (80 posts) -

I just got it tonight and have played it for a few hours now and I'm enjoying it A LOT. It's sort of like HOMM but the movement on the overworld map is in real time and there seem to be more RPG aspects to it. The humour and graphics in it remind me a LOT of World of Warcraft (to the point where I feel like some of the item icons are actually copied and pasted right out of WoW) but that's mostly a good thing because the creatures and missions are pretty creative so far. From what I've read the game is incredibly long if you do the side quests and explore a lot. I've played for about 3 hours now and I'm still only in the first small section of the map. If you liked Heroes of Might and Magic AT ALL chances are you will like this game a lot.

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morderth13 thinks its pretty good lol

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