Arg! Technical Problems - secuROM

#1 Posted by EoghanHassan (9 posts) -

God damn it!

I just bought this game off the atari download service.
The game crashed just after the training missions.
I patched it to try and fix the problem.
Now the damn thing wont start up for me.
It just opens the secuROM dialouge asking me to activate it.

And the activation wont work.

Arg! So anoying!

Rant over.

#2 Posted by PureRok (4268 posts) -

I bought mine from Direct 2 Drive. Haven't had a problem with it, especially since it doesn't use SecuROM (as far as I'm aware).

#3 Edited by EvilDingo (651 posts) -

I know it kind of falls into a grey area, but I bet a fixed nocd-exe could work as a work-around.

#4 Edited by Johnny5 (1424 posts) -

Pirate it free of guilt? I believe the pirated version has securom completely removed.

I did the same thing for Jagged Alliance when I bought it from steam and it gave me too much shit.

#5 Posted by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

Sorry for you, I also bought it from Atari's download service (which is pretty good imo) and had no problems so I did the same with The Witcher. Try downloading a crack, there's no problem since you own it. And then they wonder why piracy is popular, heh, when even their legit customers have to resort to such means. I wish there'd be a boycott to SecuROM like there was for StarForce, even if it's not as bad (ie doesn't cause hardware issues).

#6 Posted by Johnny5 (1424 posts) -

Yeah its like they say on the bombcast, the pirated versions are often far more convenient and less hassling.

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