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In the Early days of , the area known as Kings Row was a shiny, bustling place filled with hope and promise. Factories manufacturing goods and generating power created a feeling of strong, blue-collar values. Kings Row was named after one of the most productive factories to set up shop there, King Garment Works. Now Kings Row is nothing more than a neglected urban area. Kings Row is an industrial and civic area that has seen better days, a mixture of housing developments, light industrial, industrial and office buildings.

In recent years Kings Row has seen some new development, and shows signs of pulling out of its decades-long slump. However, progress is held back by the Skulls, the gang that makes this area its primary turf.

Badges and Plaques

At the time of writing, the following exploration badges are available in Kings Row:

  • Keen Sighted
    Manticore, one of the Surviving Eight, was first sighted at this location after keeping to the shadows for months.
  • Mystic King
    Ley Lines are powerful forces of mystical energy that crisscross the planet. Where they meet is called a nexus, and all magic is stronger for miles around.
  • Smokey
  • King Garment Works dominated the Kings Row economy for years. These smoke stacks were part of their manufacturing facility
  • Summoned
    Statesman broke up a ritual by the Circle of Thorn members that would have bolstered their ranks exponentially.
  • Upgraded
    Kord Technologies makes its home in this building, and Tony Kord frequently uses his personal helicopter to commute to work.

You will also find plaques that are part of the following badges:

  • Intellectual (3 plaques towards this badge)
  • Pupil (2 plaques towards this badge)


The enemies found in Kings Row generally range in combat level from 5 to 10. Most of the baddies in this zone are Skulls, though occasionally you will come across some Circle of Thorns performing rituals under bridges and on top of buildings. There is also a contingency of Lost and Vahzilok that have set up shop here. Also found, mostly around the power plant, are some Clockwork. 

The northernmost portion of this map is the roughest, where enemies range from level 7-10 mostly.

Getting Around

The Yellow Line train also runs through here, connecting you to , , , and .   There are also direct entrances to:

  • Galaxy City - center of the western border of the zone
  • Skyway City - eastern border of this zone, towards the south
  • Sewer Network Entrance - Direcly west of the Skyway City entrance

In you will find a base portal, an entrance to Warburg (PVP zone), and a Wentworth’s Consignments store. Directly West of the Yellow Line train you will also find an entrance to Pocket D, Paragons own night club.

Special Events

Kings Row is the location of the Paladin Construction. The Clockwork are using multiple power sources and scrap metal found around Kings Row to create powerful giant robots named Paladins. According to the City of , this can occur anywhere from every 1 to 36 minutes. Multiple Paladins can be constructed and/or completed simultaneously, and up to 3 can be active at any given time.

People of Interest


  • Blue Steel

Police Band Contacts

  • Detective Becktrees
  • Detective Freitag

Regular Contacts

  • Genevieve Sanders
  • Juan Jimenez
  • Linda Summers
  • Paula Dempsey
  • Ron Hughes
  • Samuel Pierce
  • Vic Johansson

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