The only good game on the DS

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All the other games like advance wars and mario all are the same rehashes and suck horribly. I hate recycled garbage.

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@Lard_ said:

"I hate recycled garbage. "

If this is the case, you're going to hate any of your future sexual partners. 
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What is about to come is your own fault...

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Really..........this is the only good game and all the other ones are recycled trash. Here's one of many great games. 

The World Ends With You meet Lard_. Lard_ meet The World Ends With You.
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Its the truth though, this game is new, refreshing, and innovative. Other games on the DS don't provide enough spices, flavours, or sizzle.
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@dcpc10 said:
" @Lard_ said:
"don't provide enough spices, flavours, or sizzle. "
Are we talking about video games or a type of food? "
I think his lard ass just wants a big mac.
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@MAN_FLANNEL: Stay under control, we know what to do to fanboys like you.

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