captaincool246's Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Game Boy Advance) review

the very best of kirby!

Anyone who is as much of a fan as i am of the Kirby series will tell you that this is one you shuould definitely have this one in your collection! this game is a remake of Kirby's Adventure for the snes and its done FANTASTICLY! the plot is simple an evil force has been unleashed upon dreamland and its up to you Kirby to stop it by inhailing enemies  and using their abilites against them and working your way through the levels.This game combines platforming,puzzle solving and a few mini games and provides hours of enjoyment.Its quite fun experimenting with new power ups and using them in creative ways to take out one or more enemies, this games goal is fun for all ages and it more than pulls it off.the Kirby series has become one of my favourites of ALL time and this game was my first and one of the best in the series as a whole i give it 5 stars and reccomend it to anyone of any age group who wants to play a game that can be challenging at times but is just sheer fun at its core.

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