captaincool246's Kirby: Squeak Squad (Nintendo DS) review

more of the same...but in a good way

If you havent seen my review for Kirby nightmare in dream land then you probibly wont know my thoughts on this game so i'll lay it out again.this game is almost identical to that and the amazing mirror but thats NOT a bad thing.its still platforming mixed with puzzle solving and mini games all great and fun things to do that bring you back into the game for possibly years to come.I can summerize this game in 2 words fun and challenging its fun in the fact that its Kirby and it sticks to the Kirby formula and its challenging for the same reason but not enough to make you quit playing, on the contrary this game engages you in a way that only a Kirby game can with  level puzzles, mini games,some challenging boss fights and ect.The kirby series is one of nintendos best ever made! that sadly doesnt see alot of attention on a regualr basis so when a game does come along that follows the traditional Kirby formula unlike some of the more recent non traditional titles (see epic yarn,air ride and canvas curse) it should be and is to some people a big deal so i give it 5 stars and highly reccomend it to anyone who wants a fun game that can provide enough challenge to stay intresting.

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