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Not incredibly innovative, but one of Kirby's greatest adventures 1

Kirby Super Star is a game you'll either love or loath depending on your feelings towards the pink puff.  If you are a fan of classic Kirby games, you'll be right at home with this one, as it is a compilation of several different games in one.  Kirby Super Star Ultra is a re-release of a 1996 Super Nintendo title with a few extra games thrown in for good measure.  Many of the games are full-fledged titles, while others are simple, yet addicting mini-games.  Something to be aware of when purchasi...

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Kissing in a Kirby game? Count me in! 1

Ok, well, not really, but now that I have your attention, Kirby Super Star Ultra is a great addition to the Kirby franchise and to the library of anyone who likes a good platformer/action game. Kirby Super Star Ultra is actually an omnibus of different smaller games. You've got games like Spring Breeze which are typical Kirby fare of travelling through different levels, copying abilities from enemies, and defeating bosses. On the other hand, you also have games with unique objectves, like beatin...

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Kirby Super Star Ultra 0

Kirby Super Star Ultra is an upgrade of a Super Nintendo game with improved graphics and more content. The original was already loaded with stuff to do, so the kart is fairly packed to the brim with activities. It's really a collection of games, including a few touchscreen-based competitive modes but mostly focused on an interesting mix of takes on the normal Kirby gameplay. Kirby runs, jumps, floats around, and can absorb 19 different powers from various enemies that occupy the levels. T...

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A Super 4 Stars! Ultra! 0

Kirby Super Star Ultra - US boxart (Look, he's not angry like most US Kirby boxes!)   Yes, this is a remake of the SNES classic Kirby’s Super Star, a collection of games all tied together into one homogeneous piece. I would rate Super Star as one of my favorite games of the 16 bit era, so it’s not hard to see I come to this version with a bit of a plus-side mentality. The fact is this is more than just a port that would have been better served on Wii’s Virtual Console. It’s a complete remake.   ...

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Kirby comes out of the closet! 0

Kirby Super Star Ultra : An “expanded” edition of the Super Nintendo pseudo-compilation, Kirby Super Star.Story : Actually, Kirby Super Star is a series of smaller adventures, each one based on either saving the world or saving food. I’m not going to criticize a story aimed at kids of being uninspired so it is what it is. This Nintendo DS version adds computer-generated cutscenes in spots to tell the stories, and while I like this addition for “Revenge of Meta-Knight” as a means of documenting i...

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