Kirby: Where to start?

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So I've played snippets of a handful of Kirby games, but never fully played through many. The only ones I've actually played through have been Canvas Curse and Epic Yarn.
There's so many Kirby games, what are of the other titles that are must-plays? Should I play original Dream Land on GB?

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For me, Kirby pretty much starts and ends with Nightmare in Dreamland. Kirby 64 was OK, too.

EDIT: I guess the first game was actually called "Kirbys Adventure". Nightmare was the GBA remake.

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I wouldn't bother with the absolute first game, you don't even have the copy ability. It was fun as a kid, but not a compelling game today.

Try the NES one, Kirby's Adventure. Gobs of fun. Also every Kirby game is pretty quick and easy to beat so yeah, have fun.

Crystal Shards for the N64 was also really goddamn awesome.

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If you have access to the original Dream Land it wouldn't hurt to start there. If not I'd recommend Dream Land 3 because it's my personal favorite.

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Personally I'd go for Kirbys Adventure, nightmare in dreamland, and Kirby N64
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Kirby's Dreamland 2 was the shit.

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Kirby's Adventure on the NES was maybe the first game I ever played or finished..

But I can never get enough of Super Star. Get the DS one, it's pretty awesome.

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Kirby Superstar and Kirby 64

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