bloodgraiv3's Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) review

A long Awaited Return!!!

Dawwww, swinging on a flower petal!

My uncle got an early copy of this game and as a result of that it lead me and him playing the entire game together, me as Prince Fluff and let me tell you, this is one of the most entertaining, cute, adorable, fun, addicting I have played in years, I thought I was getting sick of gaming and needed a break from it, so I have toned down the amount of gaming I had done, who knows, everyone needs a breather. This game reminded me why I play games in the first place, its fun, its charming and its got a look thats all its own. The story starts off as Kirby sees an odd looking tomato, he eats it. The next thing you know you meet this wizard Yin-Yarn who becomes angry at Kirby and sucks him into a magic sock, because of that, Kirby winds up in Patch Land  where everything is made of yarn, you meet Prince Fluff he asks for help to restore Patch Land and stop Yin-Yarn and thus your adventure begins.  

Again, the world is incredibly realized.
The gameplay consists of your typical platformer with a few twists, sure you can just and climb and 1 shot enemies with your whip, but the amazing look of the game is also woven into the fabric of the gameplay, Kirby's whip can latch onto things in the environment, he can hang from flowers, Pull zippers, or pull the patchy world in general closer to him so he can reach something off in the distance and finally you can even go behind the world to even more unexplored areas! Another step in the gameplay other then how you interact with the environment is how you interact with yourself. Sure Kirby's transformations have always been a big part of the series but I think that this game takes them to the next level, from being a firetruck to just transforming to a car regularly to get to a place faster. Or my personal favorite, the little parachute he turns into to glide down, its all down wonderfully. Theres so many elements to how this game plays and I love that the look is incorporated  with it and isn't just there to look at. Theres tons of variety and a lot of things to unlock such as things for his apartment, theres constant surprises around every corner and just so much to see and wonder about what the game is going to do next, the only fault I have with the gameplay is that you can't really die, but in this game it didn't really matter to me, its easy but there are some challenges along the way such as completing a level 100% without dying 

The final element to Kirby's Epic Yarn is the look of the game, the presentation, well, what can I say? I think its flawless, every aspect about the presentation of this game is gorgeous. From the amazingly happy music that always plays, to the shockingly creative lens flare when your at the beach. Every aspect about Kirby's new look is perfect, cotton stands in for snow, water is just blue yarn, when your in the lava area the yarn and such is all burnt and charred. The list goes on and one, this to me is easily the most original and beautiful games ive seen in quite some time. Everything about it will have you guessing what tricks or look their going to pull off for the next level, and each time it surprises, entertains and just makes you want to go "Dawwwwwwww!!!!" 
Kirby's Epic Yarn is a game everyone needs to play, be it a demo, or the full game. You just have to play it, to understand what an incredibly crafted experience the guys at Good Feel have created. Its a stunning, charming, fun, addictive game that anyone could enjoy, I HIGHLY recommend it, if you're having a bad day, or are just losing your interest in gaming, play this, it will put a smile on your face and it will remind you what gaming is all about. Go buy it!
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Posted by CarbChewer

this was really well written, blood. I'll probably end up playing it at some point, you know... if i had a wii XD

Posted by baldgye

this game looks like it would be great for luring small children into my 'den'

Posted by Altagrave

kawaii desu yooooooo~~

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