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This truly is what it feels like to be pants.

See that motherfucker right up there? That's motherfucking Kirby. And he's made up of motherfucking-cute-ass yarn! Do you also that Dragon Punch he just threw? That as well is made up of some bad guy, who also happens to be made of YARN! Get the picture?! EVERYTHING IS MADE UP FROM YARN AND FABRIC RELATED ITEMS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

But seriously, how awesome is that? Kirby, everyone's favorite soul stealing vacuum of death and destruction is now coming from Micheal's Crafts! GENIUS! Even so that there has been talks of more like this, but that's not the point. The point is to get your black, dead, abyss of a heart warmed up to the exquisite charm of this amazing little platformer from HAL Laboratory and Good Feel. Do you know how that happens? You just play this for 5 minutes tops, and try to tell me otherwise and that it didn't happen. Go ahead. DO IT.

Seriously. I just...*sigh*

 I will openly admit that I am a loathing, killing-people-in-my-mind-just-because-they-suck, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" type of person, but this game broke me. The simplistic, gorgeous, and whimsical game made me gush like a teenage girl who was just asked to prom by the hottest senior guy, and then went home to Facebook, Tumblr, and their own personal journal to tell all their so called "friends" about it; whom don't give a shit because they are just as stupid as the whole story itself...Wait, what was I talking about again?...OH! Yeah, this:


I can't get past the awesome art design from this game, but with all that comes to a realization about this game. It is entirely a child's game which you can finish in about 4 real hours of gaming. There is no dying, no real punishment for lallygagging, and real sense of maturity whatsoever. I think at one point, the narrator even says "...darn..." Who says 'darn'?! Anyway, getting back on track, :D get it, eh? :D...but yeah, um...this game doesn't give much for the hardcore fan, but being a hardcore fan already, they would have this game anyway(guilty). The sound design is amazing, the color pallet for the worlds are great, the animation is crisp even for being a Wii game, and there are hardly any hitches in the technical aspect. The game is short, fun, and adorable, what more could you ask more, besides the obvious to live in the world that feels like pants. No shame: 5 out of 5.

Now, please enjoy a picture of Kirby and Prince Fluff and they whole world of yarn:



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