What if Kirby Was Thrown in a Blender With New Super Mario Bros. Wii?

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#51 Posted by locolukah (114 posts) -
@Skillface: Agreed. That game was a blast with 4 people. If only it had has a couple more cities to explore.
#52 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1064 posts) -

Okay, first off, it can't be cannibalism since Kirby isn't eating other Kirbys. Secondly, while I know the power combining holds much appeal, there are other cool characters in the Kirby games. I'd love to see Prince Fluff in this game, because the Yarn whip and all the transforming moves are really cool. 
This looks great! Just wish I didn't hate Nintendo so much, and my Wii wasn't locked up in the den, currently. I can't get this. I can't support nintendo until Reggie is fired and replaced with someone who cares about gamers and Nintendo fans and greenlights games for release over here. I'm tired of supporting Nintendo consoles only to be met with, literally, a year long drought in the release schedule because the shit-for-brains NOA president is a greedy bitch who only approves of games that can take advantage of the disposable income of that shitty demographic who abandoned the Wii for the Kinect and their iPhones. 
I mean, I was there last Christmas for Nintendo - i bought and loved Sonic Colors, Kirby's Epic Yarn and Epic Mickey (I also bought DKC Returns, but...can't really say i loved that one). I got games like No More Heroes and Fragile Dreams and Silent Hill Shattered Memories. How do they repay gamers like me? They take Xenoblade - a game already in english, thanks to Nintendo of Europe - and tell 'em to shove it up their ass and keep it off our shores. NOE localizes Solatorobo? NOA says shove it up your ass (at least XSeed saved us and picked that one up). But what did NOA give us? Wii Play Motion? THANKS A LOT, REGGIE!
Fuck Nintendo. Fuck the 3DS. Fuck the Wii U and - MOST OF ALL - fuck Reggie Fils-Aime. You guys fire him and we'll talk.

#53 Posted by YukoAsho (2045 posts) -
@TadThuggish said:

"With few erratic (and sometimes embarrassing, like Kirby's Air Ride) exceptions, the pink puff ball has always been largely a solo experience."

Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby’s Dream Land 3

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Kirby: Squeak Squad

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Kirby Mass Attack

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

Kirby’s Avalanche

Kirby’s Dream Course

Kirby’s Star Stacker

Kirby Air Ride

More than half of all Kiby games include multiplayer. Don't make sweeping statements without research first.

OK, I have to admit, that was fucking awesome.
I am concerned, however, that Nintendo might start trying to bolt this idea onto EVERYTHING.  Last thing I want to see is New Metroid.
#54 Posted by twillfast (570 posts) -

@TadThuggish: I'll admit I've got no knowledge about these Kirby games whatsoever.

However, the original Super Mario Bros. had multiplayer and I'll still call that a solo experience, because when it's your turn, you play alone. If you can have multiple players running together (like in New Super Mario Bros. Wii) that, to me, is a multiplayer experience.

#55 Posted by OverlyEquipped (21 posts) -

I dunno what you are talking about sir. Kirby's Air Ride was quite possibly my favorite game to play (and I had plenty of GameCube games) when I was younger.
Other than that, It still baffles me really how they have a console that is capable with connecting to WiFi yet they don't include this in a lot of their games. I don't personally understand why besides their idea of having it a home/family experience console (which ran dry, fast) when third-party games made the Wii seem untouchable to many. 
I don't hate the Wii, I just wish it turned out better than what it's been now.

#56 Posted by Such_a_Jerk (3 posts) -

Thank God "Tree boss" is back.

#57 Posted by WetSawdustDemon (20 posts) -

I wish someone would throw Kirby in a blender.

#58 Edited by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

It's só colorful and dreamy... Yet, this Kirby game seems to be most violent so far.
#59 Posted by CyleMoore (494 posts) -

My 4 year old son is excited for this game as well as me!  We had a blast with Epic Yarn last year.

#60 Posted by Centimani (550 posts) -

I totally thought that link said Kirby's Epic Yam for a second.

#61 Posted by Lungford (47 posts) -

Super Star is defs the best Kirby game, and this just looks like more of the same. Too bad it only took them 15 years...

#62 Posted by ajamafalous (11992 posts) -

This game looks dope as fuck.

#63 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5256 posts) -

Dude I want to play this.

#64 Posted by Hayamo (64 posts) -

Don't you be dissing on Air Ride Klepek! If I hadn't loss that disc into the dark abyss that is my closet I'd still be playing that game!

#65 Posted by Akrid (1356 posts) -

Bring back Kirby N64's mix 'n' match powers and I'll be on board.

#66 Posted by kollay (1929 posts) -

Kirby is the cutest motherfucking thing ever created.

#67 Posted by Lifestrike (482 posts) -
@MisuseOfLasers said:
This game will suck.
Awww, now that's no good.
#68 Posted by Chef033 (13 posts) -

Excuse me while i mail my wallet to nintendo

#69 Posted by Juicebox (485 posts) -

aww don't throw kirby in a blender

#70 Posted by matrix_hiei (143 posts) -

I played this at Pax today. Surprisingly, it's pretty awesome.

#71 Posted by Parry (10 posts) -

I remember playing some nice Kirby multiplayer before. But I really want this :< too bad I don't own a wii...

#72 Posted by zoozilla (978 posts) -

I wonder if that tree-with-a-face is ever tired of being beat to hell in every Kirby game ever made.

#73 Posted by Sammo21 (3275 posts) -

I'm happy I'm getting "free" games but seriously, I don't really care. I'd be more excited for link to the past or super metroid...i don't really care to play the nes games as I've got the ones I want on VC and in RL...

maybe the other GBA games will be good...

#74 Posted by goldkear (15 posts) -

I wouldn't really call it cannibalism, since he's not eating members of his same species, whatever that is. 

#75 Posted by Kaitouace (11 posts) -

Was never a huge Kirby fan but Epic Yarn converted me and this is looking great.

#76 Posted by MonocledYaoGuai (2 posts) -

Really hyped for this game.

#77 Posted by laserbolts (5321 posts) -

Klepek should have his Video Games license taken away for talking mess about Kirby's Air Ride. I loved that game.

I disagree I remember getting it packed in with a gamecube and it sucking a load of shit.
#78 Posted by mariokart64fan (366 posts) -

wow i will be getting this , awsome to bad ps3 360 have absolutely no retail game that has this kind of feature in fact split screen is a dying feature on those 2 platforms!

#79 Posted by Contro (2040 posts) -
#80 Posted by amomjc (977 posts) -

Microsoft or Sony needs to buy the Mario/Kirby/Zelda franchise so they can be on decent systems that will do their graphic style justice. Not to mention I want real online support for co-op with my buddies but Nintendo is too stupid for that even going into 2012.

#81 Posted by awadnin (275 posts) -

@Contro: WOW amazing videos :) Finally i will play a good game on my dusty Wii.

#82 Posted by Contro (2040 posts) -

Nintendo reps keeps telling me this is the sleeper hit of the year.

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