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Kiting is a method by which players effectively solo and earn experience faster than they could in a group.  There are many variations of kiting.  The most popular form is probably the act of ensnaring enemies (slowing their movement speed) and then attacking them with a various spells and ranged attacks while constantly moving to avoid having the enemy approach the player.  When this method is used by archers such as rangers, it is often referred to as Bow Kiting.  Some players focus more on simply rooting enemies and loading them up with various damage over time spells, which is referred to as DoT and Rot.

Reverse Kiting

Sometimes referred to as Fear Kiting, this method of kiting involves the player instilling fear or blindness in an enemy, which results in the enemy trying to run away.  If this enemy is snared or rooted, this will allow the player to attack it via melee or ranged attacks.  This tactic is utilized more often by necromancers

Quad Kiting

Popularized by the druids and wizards of EverQuest, this is an advanced and much more dangerous method of kiting.  The name basically explains the tactic.  These players were able to manage four separate enemies at the same time, effectively earning four times the experience.

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