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Kiwi is a turtle found at the beginning of Shining Force II. You can see him in the beginning of the game being held in a cell with several beastmen. Later after an earthquake hits the city and opens his cage you can find Kiwi hiding in a storage shed by the docks and recruit him. Kiwi, along with the main character, is one of the two characters in Shining Force II that you can name.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Kiwi enjoys the highest defense of any member of the Shining Force. This allows him to go through a large part of the early game receiving almost no damage when being hit by physical attacks. This is balanced by his almost non-existant health pool. This leaves Kiwi extremely vulnerable to magic, which does damage while ignoring the target's defense. Kiwi also equips no weapons, making him a very cheap member of the Force by requiring no weapon upgrades. When Kiwi is promoted to Monster, he will gain two new abilities; the first of which randomly changes his normal attack into a powerful fire breath. This attack is strong in the early levels of promotion but begins to become a liability later in the game when his standard attack surpasses it in damage. The second new ability Kiwi gains on promotion is the ability to ignore all terrain movement penalties making him, in essence, a "flying" character.


Pre-Promotion: Tortoise (TORT)

Post-Promotion: Monster (MNST)

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