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Kiyone Makibi is character from the Tenchi Muyo series. Kiyone is a police officer of the Galaxy Police; she is also a first class detective who graduated with the second highest marks of her year. And because of her fine detective, athletic, sharpsooting skills, and commited to her police work, she is the better of the Galaxy Polices' younger generation. Kiyone can also be level-headed and down to Earth, but all that changes when Mihoshi is around.

The way Kiyone made her debute is she was a character in a non-spinoff novel called, One Visitor After Another: Hexagram of Love, by Naoko Hasegawa. Kiyone gain lots of popularity amoung fans, which is the cause of Kiyone making her debute in the anime series, Tenchi Muyo.

Mihoshi Special

Kiyone, in Mihoshi Special.
Kiyone made her first appearance in the anime Mihoshi Special. In the Mihoshi Special, Kiyone and her partner Mihoshi - while being accompany by Tenchi's wife Ayeka & Mihoshi's apprentice Sasami - were assigned to rescue Galaxy Police officer, Tenchi, and retrived a "Ultra Energy Matter" from the evil space pirate, Ryoko.

Tenchi Universe

Kiyone, in Tenchi Universe.
In the Tenchi Universe series, Kiyone plays the same role as she did in Mihoshi Special; Kiyone was a first class detective of the Galaxy Police, but all that change when she got partnered up with Mihoshi. Cause of Mihoshi's bad habits -  her dizzyness and sometimes causes collateral damage - Kiyone & Mihoshi were demoted from first class.

In her introduction to the Universe series, Kiyone and the rest of the Galaxy Police assumed that Mihoshi was killed during a pursuit of the space pirate, Ryoko. Kiyone was actually happy with the news of Mihoshi's death, mainly because Kiyone was finally free from Mihoshi. But Kiyone's happieness ended when the Galaxy Police has found out that Mihoshi maybe alive on the Planet Earth and Kiyone got assigned to the planet Earth to find Mihoshi and return to the Galaxy Police Headquaters. Kiyone finds Mihoshi only to be having lunch with the wanted space pirate, Ryoko, Kiyone is shock at what she see and tries to put Ryoko under arrest. Kiyone & Ryoko do battle with each other and then tells Mihoshi to use the mech suit - that Kiyone summons out - and use on Ryoko. But Mihoshi operating the mech suit turns out to be a disaster, Mihoshi ends up spiraling out of control into the skyes. Ayeka steps in to help Kiyone arrest Ryoko and success but then fails when Mihoshi comes back down from the skyes and crashes into everyone.

Kiyone & Mihoshi then decides to leave Earth and return to Headquaters. As they were about to leave, the Galaxy Police assigned Kiyone & Mihoshi to stay on the Earth to moderate the Solar System. They were stuck on the planet Earth.

Tenchi in Tokyo

Kiyone, in Tenchi in Tokyo.
In the Tenchi in Tokyo series, Kiyone plays the same role as she did in the previous series. Kiyone's design was also different from Tenchi in Tokyo and Tenchi Universe.

Pretty Sammy OVA

Kiyone, in Pretty Sammy OVA.
Pretty Sammy was once again another spin-off of the Tenchi Muyo series, but unlike the previous series, all of the characters play completely roles from how they were in Tenchi in Tokyo and Tenchi Universe. Kiyone was a down on her luck character who failed to get into collage and who is also living with Mihoshi - who is a collage student. Mihoshi sometimes teases Kiyone about not getting into collage and Kiyone's constants rejecting from men. Kiyone is also a employee at a music shop that is own by Sasami's mother.

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